Why South Afrika Sucks
when does a settler become a native?
In South Afrika we are more often confronted by two species of white people; the 18-year-old Afrikaner boy (Johan Nel) who 'snaps' and shoots at darkies, who obviously was charmed by his three years earlier target-shooting adventure of when he 'mistakened a darkie for a baboon' and now fires his father's 303, killing three, including a three-months old baby because in the stories told to him by his father over campfires Barend Strijdom did the same in the 1980s and is now a free man because the African National Congress caved in when die Nasionale Party and white conservatives demanded his freedom since the Boers were clear about their disinterest to vacate Die Unie Gebou if they (the ANC not darkies collectively) did not introduce a sunset clause; and then there's the English man (Steve Scott-Crossley) who throws his fired farmworker in a lion's enclosure and pleads not guilty to murder because the darkie was already dead when he was fed the lions. (In the background are poor-landless darkies who live at Skierlik squatter camp and Phalaborwa who only march to the magistrate's court while they knew exactly what to do in the 1970s, '80s and '90s to people who misbehaved - white and black) These sounds like two kinds of white people; wait, we've got more. There are those whites who will be quick to declare that the act, carried out by an 18-year-old Afrikaner with a rifle, carried out on 'blacks only' was not racially motivated but indiscriminate. I can't wait for the day when whites start popping other whites and hear what the experts will say. (And I wonder if those darkie youth who killed Fullbright Student Amy Biehl in Khayelitsha were also indiscriminate or racist?)
Someone can't h
elp but hear an echo on the mouths of those older academic Boers since it was the same thing said by the same bunch when Strijdom shot and killed 'blacks only' on a town that was predominantly white. There are whites who obviously rush to blog about it on their informative blogs that continue to thrive under the country's constitution and Bill of Rights which both guaratees that even those who feel South Afrika sucks can live in it, and justify the racist acts of the Strijdoms and 18-year-olds without fear of a hooded policeman knocking at their doors at night.
Rich whites left for Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia in '94 and beyond; the poor-bitter ones stayed behind and continue to publish free blogs with racist content because they can't afford a pay-per hosting website. Often than not when you feel the heat you get out of the kitchen, when you think the toilet stinks and you can't Haze it, you get out, but not the ones who are stuck in the toilet but pre-occupy themselves commenting about shit stink - stupid hey?
Then we also have the rich white man who never left but stays mum when darkies are killed by racist whites as if nothing is happening. This is the same white man who's quick to write letters to The Star, Citizen and Sunday Times threatening to emigrate to Australia everytime a white family is attacked and robbed by black thugs in the suburbs. (Robbery is a motive while indiscriminate
shooting is not. One commentator asked 'if whites complain that they are being robbed by darkies all the time who do they expect to rob them, 'Russians or Chinese?' when this here is Afrika and there are more darkies than whites').
This white person calls himself a liberal and has got a huge new South Afrika flag hanging in his living room as if that's all settlers need to be certified as Natives. This is the white man who has got lots of black friends and who visits Soweto once in a while and consumes African cuisine at Wandies even though he'll never accept an offer to permanently stay in a black area. He can speak either isiXhosa or isiZulu because these are the languages of the Nguni ruling class.
There's also the white person who says the murderers, especially of many blacks in formal and informal settlements need the attention of shrinks to pick up 'why they snapped' so that such findings can be introduced as evidence in a court of law. It's very much along the lines of; the black man who enters a white farm & kills the farmer and his wife did not snap, but the god-fearing white always snaps because violence is not inherent in them.
Also interesting is that there are whites who hide behind the cover of agricultural unions, who no longer advocate for farmers' rights and funding but racists as well. The unions who's biggest battleground now is the geographical names changing process. The ones who have forgotten their mandate unless they've been given a new one by the racists. (Malcom X once said that racism is like a Cadillac, there's a new model all the time; the latest one is white denial - forty years later the statement is still as accurate as ever)
In South Afrika we've got whites who seem not to appreciate the fact that darkies are the majority and have the numbers to make life difficult for them as shown in the pictures from the Bophuthatswana experience but choose not to. We've got whites who are only vocal when a white person is killed by a black person and call for the death penalty and stay muted when blacks die at the hands of whites because it's a matter for the police and the courts. The same whites who never called for the death penalty when Dina Rodriguez was found guilty in the murder of Baby Jordan because she's white and killed a white child.
In South Afrika we have whites who don't know how it feels to stand back and watch as your own people are mowed down by white cowards claiming to be god-fearing while you have the means (AK47s and angry soldiers) and opportunity (night-time disgruntled police escorts) to make the real 1933 Night Of Long Knives resemble a night with Mark Lottering at the Baxter Theatre.
Whites must make a conscious decision to change their attitudes and publicly condemn one another the same way they condemn government's failure to combat crime. The silence of political icons and social commentators like Max du Preez, Helen Suzman, Mukoni Ratshitanga, Lungelo Dlamini, Fikile Mbalula, Zwelinzima Vavi, Mokotedi Mpshe, Helen Zille, Patricia de Lille, Gwede Mantashe, Themba Godi, Allister Sparks and their kin is defeaning.
Remember that Steve Biko was killed by white policemen, Chris Hani was killed by white conservatives serving a white state bent on protecting white interests. Remember Anton Lubowski.
Is the death of darkies only going to matter when it's politicians who live in formal settlements who are killed or are we really equal before the law. I'm an arts and kulture blogger but this shit robbed me of sleep, and I join the racist blogger who advocated for the 18-year-boy Afrikaner in declaring South Afrika to suck!

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