The Ten Narcotics Commandments
One of the things I have always wanted to do in my spare time is to write long reviews of places I visit and of course get paid to do it. There's always a stupid pot-bellied man with a chequebook and a nameless magazine at the end of every adventure. You just need to raise your head and look for him. I was surprised when I met a weedhead friend in Kasarani (Kenya) some time ago and he smelled of the good stuff. But since we were both hectic did not get to ask him how he got hooked so soon so far.
My point of entry is going to be; when in Pretoria where does a weedhead with a soft spot for liquor and striptease hang and get the whole Trinity? I don't know because as you should have figured I'm a sober-minded chap who only indulges in writing long post on this blog. I don't even know where to hook it up in Melville and Durbs, places I should be familiar with.
What I can tell based on my own journalistic research is that when in every big city and you want to fly, go to the folks who claim to be selling sweets and buscuits (they also like to front with operating a public phone) at the corners, especially the ones with heavy accents and steroid filled bicepts. They've got whatever you want, from cigarettes, Durban Poison, Swazi, purple haze, penguin, LSD, E, acid, hash, buttons, smack, space cookies and every flavour you can think of - that's if you are in too deep like some folks I know.
Pretoria's narcotics hub is Sunnyside, especially along Los Angeles and New York (streets along the park). There are enough drug dealers with various narcs to last you the whole weekend (actually two lifetimes if you OD). And they all look suspicious and when you shop from them they always take your loochie and disappear downstairs. They are always chilling on the patio, eating chicken brianni (or anything with rice) and playing musical instruments (notably an electric guitar).
Central has got narcs as well. But the dealers are dodgy and will not sell you if you give them creeps (they are largely stressed so creeps are often automatic). The ones who buried their consiences when they crossed the border into Mzansi also do not have the salesman look like 50cent in Get Rich or Die Trying (the movie), they all look like undercover police officers or Wesley Snipes. But you know with police officers, their suspended commissioner and narcs, you can always get good acid and compressed hash at your nearest Police Station.
DISCLAIMER; Kasiekulture takes no responsibility for you carrying out this advisory. DRUGS KILL!

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