Animal Farm Part Two

One of my friends who died too soon and whose poem appears on page 112 of Taste of my Vomit titled Aluta Continua was a hardened communist. He so believed in an egalitarian society to the point that even when me and him were at some stage (though a little apart) seeing the same girl he never really took his beef to WWE Smackdown. He would just nicely greet the missus and indicate to me to fuck off.

Then at some stage, after his wish has been fulfilled of meeting South African Communist Party honcho Dr Blade Nzimande and then Willie Madisha he came to me in a political frenzy. He was mad because as he said it was a communist party gathering and they were all deliberating in the same hall about the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and calling each other comrade and my commander without regard for age or race.

'But when it was time for refreshments there was more than one serving point. They told us that one was for the leadership and one for the delegates. I confronted this other comrade and asked him 'where's the classless society we are all yepping about? How can we change the world into an egalitarian society when we have classes amongst us communists?'

When he yepped that to me I was lost in thought. See, a few weeks' earlier I was chilling with our woman on the verandah when he passed by and greeted me - only me, which rather unsettled the woman to complain to me why.

Two days later was when I was chilling with the chap and before he could tell me his politics I posed the woman's question to him. He told me that he used to love the woman and that she was not cheating on him and she had a coupon (money) and she was intelligent (she's a laboratory technician) and that he doesn't know why he hurt her and that when he saw us together irrespective of knowing that we were no longer in love he felt a lump on his throat and he told himself 'Thabo, you fucked up - big time'

Well that's the prelude. So, when he told me about how he couldn't dish his lunch from the same service point as the leadership I told him he was making a big mistake to have expected more. See, 'classless society' is a two letter word. And that's all it is'

He passed away some few weeks later. I loved the muthafcuka with my whole heart.

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