Dear Mr Cele


A memorial erected in Graskop, apparently to honour two people who died in a motorbike accident

Last week the entertaiment industry woke up to the news of a freak road accident that put Brothers of Peace (BOP) member Bruce 'Dope' Sebitlo in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) . Apparently somebody hit him with his car while Bruce was crossing the road. And knowing you, you are familiar with Mr Sebitlo

* Years ago Lesotho band Sankomota lost key members in a road accident, thus robbing the industry of gems and leaving Tshepo 'Village Pope' Tshola and Frank Leepa to try and pick the pieces. Sankomota hasn't operated as a group ever since then.

* United States rapper
Lisa 'Lefteye' Lopes (1971 - 2002) passed away in a road accident, robbing TLC of a member and the music fraternity of a player. She was starting to carve herself a niche as a rapper in the all-girl band.

*Shangaan music king Paul Ndlovu was snatched from the world at the peak of his career following a road accident. He was famous for hits like 'U ta famba moyeni nkatanga'

*Former Mafikizolo band member Tebogo Malingoana was shot and
killed in a road rage incident.

*Drama queen
Lebo Mathosa (1977 - 2006) died late last year in a road accident.

*Footbaler Conrad Hendricks (1979 - 2006)passed away last year as well in a road accident.

rincess Diana, loved by many and loathed by a few lost her life in a road accident inside a Paris tunnel. With her was boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and a bodyguard.

*Ashanti (Shequoiya Douglas) 's cousin (Quinshae Snead) died on April 16, 2006 in a car smash on South African roads

*Music producer Kanye West was nearly killed in a car accident and came back to record 'Through the Wire' about the incident.

*Ekurhuleni Metro Police Chief Robert McBride was nearly killed in a road accident.

*A few years ago the convoy of President Thabo Mbeki was involved in a road accident between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

*Former Orlando Pirates striker Lesley Manyathela died following a road accident

But still, this numbers seem not to mean a thing to you Sir, Kwazulu-Natal MEC for Safety and Security Bheki Cele. You seem to be bent on silencing whistleblowers instead of addressing the scourge of reckless drivers, especially those hiding behind the badge. Those
South African Police Service VIP Protection Unit drag racers captured on a cellphone answer to your department. You should punish those sods with the same rod faced by 'common' motorists during the Transport Department's Alufakwa Road Safety Campaign instead of chasing a motorist with a cellphone who was driving 140 km/h inorder to match the drag racers.
WHO COMMITTED A CRIME FIRST? Arrive Alive should be seen to be practised by elected officials and the organs of the state Sir.

Given the high rate of road deaths it's disturbing that you seem to be amused. Well we are not.

Yours Faithfully

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