"If at first you try and don’t succeed, try again", former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said. It’s a mantra that has served Mpumalanga's Afro-pop sensation, Philly-One well in her fledging music career. This talented lady's music career started on an explosive note in 2005 with the release of her debut album Do it faster.

The album ushered in a new Afro-pop and dancing queen into the dog-eat-dog world of intelligent lyricism. Even though the album did not perform to her satisfaction it was however a fulfillment of her childhood dream of being a recording artist. The shortcomings of Do it faster spurred her on to work harder on her next album exotically titled Cocktail. Cocktail was released just in time for the festive rush.

The results of the hard work and long hours she put in the studio are palpable, as the album is on par with other Afro-pop albums in the market if not exceeding some of them.

Philly-One was born Philisiwe Nkosi in Sakhile outside Standerton. She honed her singing talent in parties and weddings until her exceptional vocal talents caught the ear of a talent scout and music producer. As they say in the industry, the rest is history. Philly-One is the first to admit that her debut, Do it Faster, which had eight-track debut album didn’t do well on the market. She however draws solace from the lessons she learns and the launching pad it provided for her. "I was still new in the industry when I recorded it, I have since learnt a lot about the industry and how to make music that will be appreciated," she said. To be nearer to the city Philly-One has since settled in Nelspruit, the capital of Mpumalanga.

With the release of Cocktail she ends a year in the music wilderness. One of the things that delayed the release of her second album was that she wanted to record it in her own recording studio, Sub Records. Cocktail is a coming-of-age album by this petite singer. It has 14 groovy tracks, with "Dali wami", "Amasiko", "Nguwe S’thandwa" and "Sebaphelile" being amongst songs worth a 'repeat' on your dial. A notable improvement on Cocktail is that Philly-One has grown as an artist. Her voice is silkier and her songs explore interesting topics such as love and HIV/Aids. Also, her stage craft is awesome largely because she fuses contemporary and traditional choreography.

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