Why Israel can’t talk to Palestinians

Today there are 450 Israelis in the municipality of Hebron and 120 000 Palestinians. I have to keep three battalions to protect them. I believe, with all due respect, that values – Jewish and universal values – have to guide our policy. I can’t call Hebron a Jewish city. It was, but to impose on 120 000 Palestinians the fact that there are 450 Jews there and for that reason to have military rule? I don’t feel the justification for that.” – Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin [TIME, November 13, 1995]

Contrary to popular belief, the Israeli-Palestinian ‘Peace’ Talks didn’t break down because of Jewish settlement expansion in East Jerusalem and West Bank. Neither because Israel reneged from an agreement it had with US Secretary of State John Kerry that they’ll release Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the Palestinian Authority not initiating applications to 15 United Nations agencies.
Interestingly, though Israel tried to align its negotiating strategy with the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard currently in US custody in North Carolina; it was not because of the US refusal to swop Pollard for concessions that collapsed the talks. 
They broke down simply because the US refused to guarantee Israel’s security. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sulked and walked out because the very purpose (Zionism) of the establishment of Israel was self-determination and ‘security for the Jews’. The post-World War II global order determined that any people not secured risk being exterminated; nobody wanted a repeat of the Nazi Holocaust.
I see you are wondering ‘what security can be offered to a nuclear armed country?’ A country with the world’s fourth largest and most sophisticated military. Israel’s definition of ‘security’ is not ‘military’; it’s an assurance that it is, and will always be a Jewish State with a demographic that will never be altered even by population growth. The Zionist narrative, which is the bedrock of Israeli-Jewish nationalism’s final solution is not to have legislation in almost all capitals protecting Jews but to have Jews quarantined with privilege inside a space between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea – mostly with dual citizenships so that they can escape back to ‘exile’ in the event that their ideal does not suffice by 2018.
 That is why they forcefully relocate Bedouins as part of the Greening the Negev process, under-develop Israeli-Arab areas and sterilized emigrant Ethiopian Jews to cull their numbers before they upset the cart with high birth rate. While white Jews from all over the world can emigrate freely to Israel; Ethiopian Jews were cleansed purely for being Black – that is called racism.
 That assurance of Jewish purity inside a ‘Jewish Caliphate’ is the fallacy of Israel’s precondition to negotiate with Palestinians. They know Palestinians and the civilised world will never accept that apartheid and they want the US to endorse such Fascism. They want guarantees that they’ll be the world’s only designated ethnocracy while the world is already entertaining thoughts of a One State for Two People after the erosion of the neo-conservatives Two State ideal.
Now, even with all the military hardware and technology they can give Israel the US can’t guarantee ethnic purity because it goes against the inclusive democracy culture it claims to espouse – the foundation of its Constitution. This is regardless of Kerry blurbing “The government of the United States and the president supports the notion of Israel being defined as a Jewish State”. He says ‘being defined’ not ‘being’ and then he tries to push that ambiguity down Palestinian throats.
 Even with the American public being passive and condescending; and a pro-Israeli Senate and Congress, Kerry can’t get such guarantees past both Houses. The US Congress is not made up of Zionist Jews but Zionist sympathisers who in their own private space know that Netanyahu and his team are clutching straws.
For the US to accept [the fallacy, not notion] that Israel is a Jewish State; an apartheid state will mean that it limits the legitimacy of its own citizens to be treated equally in that ethnocracy. We have seen some beaten by Israeli Police for being both American and Palestinian. In Bibi’s demand only American Jews will have the right to emigrate and settle there while holding on to their American passports even though a bulk of them; who are not Jews will become second-class citizens if they are even allowed to settle in Israel or marry there.
First and foremost America’s responsibility is to protect Americans wherever they are in the world, including Israel. To endorse a country where such protections [equality and justice] cannot be guaranteed is a ‘NAY-NAY’ even for a Congress dependent on Jewish lobbyists for everything from funding to advice.
Now you know why the Three Musketeers, Bibi Netanyahu-Naftali Bennet and Avigdor Lieberman continue to build settlements on Palestinians lands; they are altering the facts on the ground to get their Jewish State by default – and the US whose hands are tied is aware and opts to look the other way as Israel gets its ‘security’ by demolishing houses and changing the demographic of West Bank, Negev and East Jerusalem.
The sooner Israel abandons the narrative of Jewish State the better since that fantasy will never happen. It needs to start talking to Palestinians instead of talking over their heads to the Americans. In the final analysis Palestinians are not even going to be its neighbours but fellow countrymen in one homeland. 
Kerry said earlier this year that if the negotiations fail Israel risks becoming an apartheid state. Well, Mr Kerry, Israel already ‘is’ an apartheid state. 

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