Family Bizniz - Making Tomorrow’s Music Today

Hip-hop as a movement has always managed to survive through paying homage to those who laid the foundation for the growth of its sub-genres such as rapping, break-dancing, scratching and graffiti and acknowledging what’s hip from what’s dull.

It’s no secret that rappers are the most outspoken species in the world. That much vaunted Freedom of Expression seems to be a license coined with poets and rappers in mind.
It’s not different with a duo that defies arithmetic logic whereby when you add one and one you get two. In the case of artistic brothers MJ (Mashapa Machaba) and Lincoln (Machaba) when you add these one plus one talented brothers you get Family Bizniz. This duo is bringing into the South African music industry a combined decade of making good music which as artists they have been incessantly crafting.

Like sculptors who are the only ones who know when a project is done Family Bizniz has decided to take their time to study the game before dropping their much-awaited album.

On a self-titled single currently in circulation to test the waters the brothers’ addictive style of flowing over saucy beats with layered nasal deliveries reminiscent of what the world is bopping to today is a killer. It’s swag that drips like fresh honey from a comb. As alluded to earlier there is an interpolation of the late Paul Ndlovu’s Khombo ra Mina on Cina which is the duo’s way of paying homage to earlier talents.

MJ and Lincoln were born in that bastion of talent; Bushbuckridge which gave the entertainment industry giants such as award-winning filmmaker King Shaft Moropane, AB Crazy and many others. Family Bizniz, which makes tomorrow’s music today has been living in Johannesburg since 1999.

“The type of music we make ranges from hip-hop, electro, rhythm and blues and afro-hip-hop. We are going to include other family members with musical talent in the future,” says MJ.

Living in the big city has not affected the brother’s relationship with their roots. They still speak their native Sepulana to the ‘t’. While some Bushbuckridge artists have become proponents of the language MJ and Lincoln reflect the reality of their environment. It is an old hip hop adage that ‘represent your ‘hood’, and they do so to the core.

“We will have a campaign called #FamBizSingles which will be the vehicle to launching singles to the streets and mainstream mediums regularly,” adds MJ confidently.

Lincoln’s music career started in the group The Kingdom where he rapped in their Thank God for the Kingdom mixtape. He has also been grinding the scene with a couple of appearances including on the video of Mi Casa’s Dr Duda.
Big brother MJ has worked with recording artists Danny K on his Hey Shorty video. He says since then he has been pursuing solo projects. MJ has appeared in Jam Alley and Strictly Come Dancing as a performer.

Family Bizniz is a group to watch as they make tomorrow’s music today with homage paid to those who made today’s music samples yesterday

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