An Apple that fell Far From the Tree

They used to say an apple never fell far from the tree. Recently this idiom has come under serious challenge. First it was Marc Brown, the son of former defender and SAFA Lowveld President Mr Allen Brown choosing basketball to soccer and now it’s the same son, now going by the name of DJ Prodigy occupying the number two spot for Polokwane on the online music chart reverbnation.

This simply means that for a few weeks now he has been voted the number two house deejay in Limpopo by music lovers who get to listen to hundreds of songs on the file sharing site. He debuts at number 19 in Mpumalanga, regardless of having already released three EPs and in line to release another one end of September.

DJ Prodigy, a media studies student says he was inspired by the growth of the house music industry in the country to follow his passion after basketball. That passion has already seen him producing tens of songs which he has already played to rave reviews at the University of Limpopo and its surrounding clubs.

“My music has to be heard and played in Mpumalanga as I’m gonna need all the support I can get from my province”, said Prodigy, who also triples as a graphic designer and producer.

He says in Mpumalanga he will be competing on reverbnation with brilliant producers such as Extreme, Native and Da Capo. “I just did a remix of Papago o rata Mmago for Moko who plays a huge role in production and upliftment of house music. He also masters all my songs” adds Prodigy.

Prodigy’s music, which we had an opportunity to sample at a listening session is intoxicating and well-fused. It is deep house with saucy riffs and a thumping bassline, often over tribal sounds. “My favourite local DJ is Cula de Song while I draw my international inspiration from Lass Berenhof. For local house to work out we need to have a national top 100 list for house. In that way we can produce house music that we can export to other countries instead of always playing small”, he says with finality.

Prodigy plans to release his Chillour House Sessions Volume 1 Club Compilation soon.

His music can be currently heard on www.reverbnation.com/marc-da-prodigy brown

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