Spring meets Summer

I reckon you have been wondering why has Kasiekulture drawn to a yield in recent times. Don't stress comrades we are still here. The technicalities of the world since the Arab Spring has meant more clogging of the internet sytem. This here thing works like a heart and the more there is tension the more the veins get clocked and it slows down. But now I'm talking about the capitalist system. There seems to be some chap somewhere who is interested in making sure that anything coming out of fertile grounds for a revolution gets nipped at the bud.

They say what made the Arab Spring successful as opposed to the hundreds of African Springs over many years was the literacy rate in those countries. Immediately they started to protest they kept the world updated through social media such as Twitter and YouTube. They kept those images of brutality flowing and that is one of the reasons why the world stood behind them and eventually helped them topple their dictators. Well, while the same can't be said about South Afrika, however the jamming signals that roam our communities are a threat to our freedom of expression.

However that is not really the reason I have not been posting but it's one of them. I am back with a bang and you will receive your regular updates of our artistic and literary landscape here on Kasiekulture. I have been held down by adjudication of South Africa's beautiful literature and I have even forfeited to mention that I have completed a film titled Cast the First Stone which has already been flighted on Mzansi Magic.

Okay, stay posted. I am back with a bang!!!

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