Re T$wa Bush

Shatale zone 2, right next 2 Nazareth church is where my head goes to rest,

Still blessed to be living amongst loving neighbors,

I do remember those early years playing le bo Eric,

Sammy always finding us mischievous shit to do, re sadja di Nombela.

Maiba having da fear in their eyes whenever we approached,

Shit! We never got coached on how to be happy,

Be in da wrong, n Mama whipped ur ass gladly,

But we had to grow that is the story, sadly

So hell yeah I will tell u when they ask,

Of course Ket$wa Bush.

Mangozi yatala ka Spice, might get u ill, but damn dat shit is nice.

Happy to see we passed on the tradition,

Course my Nephew still comes through with dat raw ish,

N we start feasting

Ripe ones, u don’t want a lot in ur system,

Thuto bears witness to dat,

N I bet Shatale could go in the Book of Guinness,

As a record holder for the most Mango trees in one kasi,

But that’s just some trivial shit,

My hood is truly legit,

Although we not recognized, I will still say

Of course ket$wa bush.

Marope ra maja, maphopho ra kganya

N if u don’t got u could always ask ur neighbor,

Ladies dat sell those treasures, are the true saviors,

Trying to feed their fams, while they feeding the nation

U could find them at every taxi rank, Selling those health products, produced ku Zoeknog.

True dat, they might be cooked or uncooked, wrapped or unwrapped.

But u recognize u home, when u get home n u find ur mom eating dat shit.

N u recognize the real, n if a udji Marope

I don’t think ut$wa Bush.

Never made it to Lower, but dat hotel was the shit

Probably broke a whole lot of families around Acornhoek,

But when 1 thing goes, another just gets us Hooked.

I cry with the wives whose husbands, booked a room ga- mokanatla

A fetse a teye ka nama, but dats how the story goes,

Dats how life rolls, now we havin strip shows, right here in dwaarslop.

Never been, but 1 day I might just get in, so I may say n prove,

Whenever they retelling, whenever they be asking,

I’ll tell them simply yes, of course ket$wa Bush


Nna ket$wa Bush! Weni ot$wa kae?

Kere nna ket$wa Bush! Mfana weni ot$wa kae?

Nna ket$wa Bush! Weni ot$wa kae?

Kere nna ket$wa Bush! Mfana weni ot$wa kae?

Marope ra maja! Weni ot$wa kae?

Mangozi atala! Weni ot$wa kae?

Nna ket$wa Bush! Weni ot$wa kae?

Nna ket$wa Bush! Mfana Weni ot$wa kae?

Nna ket$wa Bush! Weni ot$wa kae?

Kere nna ket$wa Bush

Two towns connecting, taxi drivers reflecting

On their lives spent between Acornhoek n Bushbuckridge

Carrying eager moms ready to spend dat grant,

Seems like we famous for impregnating,

Rural twist, nobody is masturbating

So we let da babies live n give a faint smile, when we see a child bearing a child,

N she still has to push a wheelbarrow, just to get some water,

Yes there’s shortages everywhere, Ask them in Bevelsoek or Garapanga,

People in Bushbuckridge don’t complain, and if they ask again,

I will tell them of Course ket$wa bush, no doubt

Nna ba mpitsa leshoboro, was never my cup of coffee,

But we went for some raw shit called mankgorong,

Kgokgo yago sa keni potong, before I new that bottle @ 606

But then I grew up, n found out bout Niggaz like Mingaz

N how they be terrorizing that spar,

By far, I never heard of niggaz living this way, but that’s their way,

N this is my way of relatin to the place I was raised in,

No need to be hating, no need for escaping the dusty roads, that nurtured ur soul,

True dat, no doubt, ket$wa Bush

Now Luv Ur Hood is in the picture,

No doubt we are permanent fixtures,

God giving prescriptions,

Filled with Ghetto Gospel scriptures,

Goodenough be giving us dat energy, to make this shit a blast,

We not testing da waters, we drinking till we overflow,

Mr Do, go ahead n overblow,

Masta H, this is da rhyme stage,

And KFB, hold it down, till we cure Shatale of all these frowns.

And as we propel till Thulumahashe

And excel and hit CollegeView,

The people will say, its true dat they flew.

N yes


Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Nna ket$wa Bush! Mfana ot$wa kae?

Kere nna ket$wa Bush! Kere weni ot$wa kae?

Nna ket$wa Bush! Mfana ot$wa kae?

Kere nna ket$wa Bush! Mfana weni ot$wa kae?

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

Ret$wa Bush

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