A Vote for Jewish Spooks - for SAPS

Here are the Local Organising honchos yesterday denying claims in media that they have enlisted the help of the Israelis to help snuff out suspicious characters during the FIFA World Cup in a few months' time. I am reading the story and I am like, 'why would Rich Mkhondo even entertain denying such'. That is because given what the Mossad has just done with their CCTV film of how they go about their job - tennis racquet in tow I would rather feel safer knowing those dodgy Jews are watching over me than a bunch of guys who did six months at a god-forsaken college in the outskirts of Tshwane.

I mean my understanding of Mossad is that here you are dealing with career securocrats. Guys who have done two years intensive intelligence training. Given that some of them are former Golani Brigade corporals you know you have a combination for a World Cup security team. They spend two years learning how to open fish tins without a tin opener - using their bare incissors, how to drive for twenty kilometres on one litre of gas, how to trace people from Damascus to Dubai, how to forge English and French passports, how to kill using poison, a syringe and strangling. These are sods they tell you face dismissal from the School of David or is it Gideon if they made one mistake - as mistake as forgivable as blinking on stakeout.

And now some media, obviously impressed with the Made In Dubai film of the Mossad at work proposes that Israeli security firms have been hired to provide security and the LOC says, no ways. Come on; the SAPS spent months looking for one Collins Chauke when he was running a restaurant at the Promenade Centre in Nelspruit. And if my memory serves me well I even ate there once. I reckon the guys looking for Collin would have had a bite there and planned around how to arrest him while he was servind them 600grams rump steak. My friend says, 'i guess they even paused a minute when he came to check if they were still fine while they were strategising how to seal the border into Mozambique'.

And now the same sods, who can't be disciplined until you call them Colonels are supposed to convince me that 41000 of them at R645 million will give me a peaceful sleep. Let me ask; one mistake times forty one thousand equals what? My Math teacher told me 41000 mistakes.

And those 11 Mossad chaps made no mistake. And now you want to tell me to put my trust in 41000 mistakes? No ways. What Mkhondo should have done was to shut up; and leave us all speculating. We know those Mossad spooks helped take out Jonas Savimbi. We know about their reign of terror in Palestine, Iran and Syria and how they love prowling Afghanistan. And such thoroughbreds deserve that dodgy security contract - to protects us from ourselves. Oops I wanted to say to protect the English from themselves.

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