You Got to be Kidding JuJu

Julius Malema arriving at Mapulaneng FET College for his brief stop in his way to a R50 million wedding
In what was seen as a futile effort to bolster the political career of embattled Bushbuckridge Local Municipality Executive Mayor Clr Milton Moreme, African National Congress Youth League president and serious retard Julius Malema two weeks ago read the Riot Act to people within the is own ANC who have been calling for the removal of the mayor.

Making sure he spoke in his trademark harsh tone, which has become a laughing instead of a threatening sentiment to his adversaries since Deborah Patta unmasked him, Malema accused fellow ANC members of doing such in drunken stupor. “Today after drinking beer and getting drunk we march and say we want to remove the mayor. If there’s any corruption happening with the mayor we talk about it in the ANC. If there’s a project that is unfinished we must bring it to the attention of the mayor. If there’s no water we don’t burn tyres and march, it’s old fashioned, we talk to the mayor. If there’s no work we let the mayor know that when such opportunities arise he must hire ANC volunteers because it’s them who go around putting up placards. Don’t burn tyres, we wait for his time to expire and we let him out” he shouted to wild applause from adoring fans so blinded by his rhetoric that they would ululate even if he farted on the microphone.

Moreme’s second term as a mayor of Bushbuckridge expires in 2011 and there is already factional wrangling over succession within the Bushbuckridge sub-region of the ANC. In what the youth league termed a Human Rights (March 21) rally Malema was in his defiant element, displaying delinquent behavior his supporters have come to expect from him. He started off by singing the song that has landed him in hot water, “Shoot the Boer”, reasoning that ‘we will never stop singing revolutionary songs. We must not allow Boers to tell us what to sing about. When they sing De La Rey we are not complaining”. [he has since been ordered to stop singing it by the High Court – his party is appealing the decision]

JuJu liaising with his comrade in arms, Milton Morema

In a prolonged vain attack he took pot-shots on the media, accusing it of being enemies of the revolution. “Vigilante journalists wrote a letter to the ANC leadership complaining about the ANCYL. Some of them don’t pay maintenance, I have papers and warrants for their arrests. We can’t allow this country to be run by journalists who write about our black leaders as they please. Who said whites don’t have their own stories. If we are not careful these people (media) will collapse the government”, he said to another wild applause before accusing the media of labeling (Nelson) Mandela a terrorist and insinuating that former ANCYL president Peter Mokaba died of AIDS. – The jury’s still out on this one.

He then touched on the contagious issue of nationalization, arguing that mining houses don’t leave flourishing communities in their wake but deserts after expropriating the mineral wealth – which is true. “South African minerals must benefit South Africans not Anglo American. These people will never agree on mineral wealth. We want the farms, they took them from us”, he went further. The then also demanded the nationalization of banks – something new from the magician politician.

Ending his forty five minutes rhetoric with his declaration to hate DA leader Helen Zille [because she’s white] he also attached the PAC [saying they don’t exist as a party] and COPE, alleging it’s a matter of time before he attends the funeral its COPE.

Excited Moreme promised the people that he will once again bring Malema to Bushbuckridge to kick-start local government elections in 2011.

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