Ode to a Beloved

Last week we woke up to the sad news that one prolific poet, human rights activist and sage Dennis Brutus has passed away. One newspaper said that 'the travesty of Brutus' death was his refusal to accept the New South Africa which he has fought for and even got incarcerated at Robben Island'. I was offended because the journalist never bothered to understand what made Brutus refuse to accept a sham of a deal as geniune. Before I eulogise him I decided to post this poem so you can indulge and read my rant later this week.

the road to havana

if only the travel agent told me
my heart will be tainted on the way to valhalla
my soul will be hijacked @ the gates of gehenna
that sinning will be standard as i make for pearly's
i'll feel nothing when i hurt people closest to me
innocent hearts lacerated for my failure to commit
i'm sorry sistas my one heart was torn into two
i had love for coitus but i fucked with banknotes
love letters that were written never mailed to me
still stacked in your bedroom with my physical address
i'm here baby still around my knuckles bruised in a bout
my spirit defiled my conscience shiver sending echoes of guilt

on the road to havana our only thoughts are in cigars
captain morgan & a sequel to how stella got shagged
relinguish responsibilities to a can of AMSTEL
one wonders why we chasing on these girls like mongrels
pussies are poisoned we still eat them without rubbers
later forget to floss sleep with the smell on our pubics
for sure we'll claim we been bewitched when we finally full blown
learn our folliness when we cough blood & announce our exit
only time we finally learn there're things money can't buy
for everything else there's no mastercard it's cheap plastic
afford a million ARVs but life remains elusive
losing weight without dieting our sanity departed
our trust still lies in cannabis fuck the god of a dollar

on the road to havana we yelling 'hasta la vista siempre'
bystanders wanna be us have-nots we toss fingers
we arnachists fuck the taxman our returns are semen
seal your envelopes with sperm blow fart in your office
only love we got & give to amigos of a feather
they give us guns today we share a kiss tomorrow
let's all die by RPG become heroes tonight
let's demand a guilottine if we lose the fight
get our names on heroes' acre by the break of dawn
here lies a batallion of 'fuc' the world' rebels
let's bury beef my comrades there's a battle ahead
i like this but i like it more with a tot of gin
this green is sticky fuck a koerant i stole a rizla

on the road to havana we shout 'viva fidel'
we ain't here to support we came to start our own
the love & peace movement reincarnated post lib
empty our balls in sex orgies later test 'reactive'
frame the results nail on walls like we won trophies
put the blame on the door of the white house in DC
where else to do it union buildings occupied by a denialist
act like the US government urged us on in our fuck
let's die in peace my people never point fingers
like now i'm puffing on this weed til i sneeze my own blood
have hypocrites on my back daily preaching heresy
yelling 'holy, hail mary mother of god'
where art thy love while we kneeling & we worship the cross
teach us how to pray baby 'fore we walk through your door
i urge you - join us & inherit our beefs

on the road to havana we all donning fatigues
armed with pens & papers soldiers out to kill
identified our adversaries got mug shots in wallets
they all look the same though they different races
got chromes slugs engraved with names of our own comrades
incase we fall short of our target we all commit self-death
mass-suicide my people let's emulate branch davidians
got dreams of bliss living well all multiplied by seven
indulge in fun we manufacture fuck going to heaven
since we are sinners in havana we'll all die like kebble
on the road to havana hold my hand we rebels