South Afrika’s Loss, Canada’s Gain – One Less Fascist we got to Worry About

Since yesterday I have been wondering about the furore surrounding the chap whose name I don’t bother to know who decided to apply for asylum in Canada and was granted on grounds that he has been attacked seven times by blacks and required protection from Affirmative Action. Why do we even have to worry about a racist that decided to find new people to oppress?
I understand the government’s argument that he is painting this country with a dirty brush by insinuating that this country’s crime situation is so out of control that the government can not protect him. Nice for Canada because it can. Nice for them as well because they don’t have AA, while the chap was comfortable in South Afrika when it used to have Job Reservation which excluded blacks from participating in the mainstream economy and employment opportunities. That is why we call him a racist; because he never opposed apartheid. And that is why we call Canada a racist regime; because I doubt if they can grant asylum to millions of Zimbabweans and Darfurians on wholesale because they have been attacked more than seven times by blacks.

I however think that we shouldn’t stress about this dude who decided to conjure up reasons to justify his asylum application which was going to be granted anyway. Obviously the dude always wanted Canadian domicile but couldn’t find a Canadian chick to impregnate. Indeed he might probably have been attacked seven times by ‘black’ South Afrikans and has Case numbers to prove it; he just can not prove that those darkies were South Afrikans as there are millions of blacks in South Afrika who are not South Afrikan. It’s like being attacked by a Hispanic in Los Angeles and you claim they are Americans while a large number are Mexicans with passports.

There are blacks from Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Swaziland to mention just a few and to make my point clear. Can the dude put his dick on the line and tell me the difference between isiSwati (spoken in both Swaziland and Mpumalanga), isiZulu (spoken in both Kwazulu-Natal and Zimbabwe), isiXhosa, Sesotho (spoken in both Free State and Lesotho) and Setswana (spoken in both Botswana and North West)? If he can’t then how does he know that the person who attacked him was from South Afrika or neighbouring countries since all the above mentioned languages are spoken by blacks of different nationalities who are all resident in South Afrika?

My point here is that he is not running away from black South Afrikans and Affirmative Action but from Afrikans as a collective. He doesn’t want to live in Afrika with black people and that is why he is running, tail between his legs. And poor Canada thinks they can tame a jackal.

Unless Canada intends to be a haven for dirty scoundrels who are obsessed with racial purity they will in the long run find their society defiled by these groups of racists who take advantage of the country’s open door policy. If his issue is crime and he left South Afrika to escape from it what will he do when crime catches up with Canada? He obviously will run away to another country, apply for asylum and defame Canada’s crime situation to justify his application. I reckon he will probably say that he is running away from Canada because he has been attacked seven times by ‘Native Canadians’, since he can’t say whites given that he’s a dirty little white racist scoundrel.

It doesn’t make sense for him to complain about being attacked by ‘blacks’ in Afrika. Who does he expect to attack him, Chinese, Arabs? This here darkies are the majority and if you are going to be attacked by anyone 9 out of 10 they are going to be black. The Krugersdorp Samurai Sword killer is white and attacked whites; do I hear someone saying ‘isolated incident’? In the US the Virginia Tech massacre was carried out by a Korean-American on majority whites; did I hear someone saying ‘isolated incident’? The former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was killed by a Jewish assassin; did I hear someone saying ‘isolated incident’? JF Kennedy was killed by a white assassin; did I hear someone saying ‘isolated incident’? This goes to show that crime is discriminate and no racial justification should qualify anyone for asylum.

I personally have been robbed of my cellphone before and guess who the robbers were; blacks. If I was robbed by whites it would have made frontpage news in national newspapers. If I was I China I would obviously have been robbed by Chinese not Arabs or blacks. If I was in Saudi Arabia I probably would have been robbed by Arabs.

The dude decided that he doesn’t want to be part of any solution but always runs away when the heat catches up with him. I personally wish him well in chilly Canada and I wish Canada well in its accumulation of racists.

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