I have just cast my ballot this cold morrow.
Mbombela civic centre having hosted me.
Civility glued to the civic centre’s personnel.
The queue snaked itself long & winding like the
Domba maidens’ dancers’ unison jigs & turns.

Voters’ intentions very, very naked to the course
Like the domba maidens erect unsullied boobs.
Somehow, the land is not in solitary confinement,
But in solitary oneness with its butterfly coloured fellows.
Felon no more, fetes the advent of democracy.

Somehow, the affirmed Moseses of Freedom or Death,
Victory is Certain – Can not cast their ballots for
Bullets overtook them in casting its vile intentions.
Your illogical & selfish excuses to register not & unable your
Honourable self to vote not, is treason against the democracy imbued flag.

Somehow, be high on life for the blinkers of hatred are easily
Laminated against virtue whilst self satisfaction is open ended.
Somehow, some things occur that are a tad tricky to explain.
Somehow, half baked truths influence one to half baked conclusions.
Somehow, allow yourself to be influenced for tomorrow’s sake: Vote!

This poem was written by poet Sello Kekana immediately after casting his vote at Nelspruit (Mpumalanga). He is the sole copyright owner of the works published here. For further publishing please clear with him.

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