A Lesson to Mankind

Recently I rely a lot on common sense to navigate through the abyss that has become daily life. This part two days I was in Jozi and realised something important. Polygamy, with all its warts and shortcomings seems to be becoming the in-thing. I will tell you why I think it's making a comeback since King Solomon made it popular many years ago with his 900 plus wives.

I found out why it pays for a person to have two partners instead of one. Two means two not three or four, but two. There are massive rewards that I am going to share with you and which I realised when I was in Jozi this week.

1. Two lovers mean two opportunities - more like Lotto and Lotto Plus. You know that if you miss here you still have an opportunity to score there. But it's not about scoring really but...
2. Look, if I am having problems with my one senhora, chances are that if she's acting up it brings me closer to the other one. When I am stressed by her bullshit I get on the phone and call the other one and be nice. Same with when the shoe is on the other foot.
3. To also make it easy for you to remain single for the rest of your life. You do love them the same I mean because everyone has their own time and when it's their time you give them all the love. So, there's no competition really since you are not a King and are not tagging them along.
4. It also helps because when time comes that one is not happy and wants to leave you just let them go and look for a replacement, so the loneliness is not there because there's always someone in the picture. And it's easier to get a new chick when you have one on the sides unlike when you are a lonely man searching for love
5. If you are a sex-addict it helps that when one is ovulating the other is not, when one is pregnant or breastfeeding the other one is not. So, it's like walking into a hotel and knowing that it's breakfast or lunch time and certain that they will be on the menu.

I do recommend two chicks for one guy and two guys for one chick, not to play one against the other but to exercise your options. If you can make sure that they never know about each other and give them the impression that they are the only one in the picture. A true player never get caught - never. If you get caught it's a sign that your days as a player are over - go get married and love your spouse.

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