A Country of Two Nations

We all came together to condemn the killing of Fulbright student Amy Biehl many years ago. We went on and condemned the killing of Communist Chris Hani years ago. But recently we have been divided on what punishment is suitable for the killers of Gito Baloi, Lucky Dube, Baby Jordan, SAPS members, Lee Matthews and others. Why?

The racist little cockroach (I refuse to accept that animals deserve names) that found humour in snuffing four (race not important) people at a settlement in Skierlik earlier this year has finally reaped a whirlwind.

The little killer has been sentenced to four life sentences and 64-years incarceration. Quite a fitting punishment for a pre-meditated crime of hate which psychologist Dr Irma Labuschagne said the motive goes without questioning. She argued that the beast can be rehabilitated but that’s a story for the Parole Board.

However what I find very deafening is the silence of the Death Penalty Brigade, NGOs, and opposition parties in this instance. Those who picket some court appearances, lobby government and even threaten to emigrate to Israel, United Kingdom and Australia if the death penalty is not brought back to mitigate farm killings, suburban break-ins, car-hijackings and other crimes that target people who are either better-off or of a lighter tone’s tongue has suddenly been stolen by a cat.

If the farmers unions believe in ‘an eye for an eye’, let them come out now and demand that this little nameless cockroach be hanged as well. Let them threaten to emigrate if it’s not guillotined. The advocacy must be consistent otherwise some people might start accusing the whole bunch of racism, demanding the noose only when it’s a black on white crime.

For the pale little nameless raceless (no race or animal species, apologies to coackroaches, deserves to have this animal associated with it) coackroach, we wish it a thick cucumber-size infected penis up its rectum as its introduction to C-Max.

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  1. i like your point about the apparent contradiction in the mindset of those who are calling for the rope for "criminals and killers" but go strangely silent in this case. obviously what is exposed here is what is really going on, what hasn't changed despite the rumours of "transformation". however, the next level is... how does a society/country/nation deal with the crimewave we are living through? and it simply isn't true that only so-called whites or the middle class are bearing the brunt of this crime wave, not by a long shot. the ghastly truth is that it is the vast majority of the country's population that are least protected from, and most exposed to, the crime wave. and then of course, we also need to contextualise our crimewave with the global growth of gun crime, of violent, irrational hate explosions, that in other countries are not given our racial context, but happen more in terms of individual psychosis. and ultimately, what is the point of putting this character behind bars for all those years? surely society would be way better off with him strung up? wouldn't that work better as a valve to release us from this insanely growing pressure that we experience every day in this country? isn't that what "justice" should be striving to achieve?


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