Obama Carries the Cross

Something really disturbed me these past few days. Like all reputable news organisations we ran a Poll before the United States elections to weigh the chances of the poster-boy to become the first US president of colour. So, different to other pollsters ours had four choices, you had to tell us if you though Barack Obama will be, he will not be, he'll be assassinated or you were just not sure.

The results were surprising because while Obama took our poll by a landslide there was also a fraction of respondents who fancy him dead. In one newspaper which I read before the elections there was a comment made by the folks in the South of the US who said that they would like Obama to be elected president because he will be assassinated and they'll have another holiday.

Now, that sounded rather crude. But when 30% of our respondents told us that the brother will be assassinated we started to wonder if the Secret Service took such idle threats seriously or dismiss them like those of Lee Harvey Oswald. Yeah, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a Democratic Party elected President of the US when he was sniped by a loner called Oswald, who was soon killed by a bar owner called Jack Ruby who died days later in hospital from a blood clot. Oswald was a scapegoat we all know that by now. But there are more than 30 million Oswalds in America today willing to take Obama out, some graduates of the US Army Sniper School and veterans of both the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. Some are former Israeli Defence Force Golani Brigades snipers who were based at the Golan Heights and performed missions inside Lebanon.

Now, with Kennedy nobody knows the full conspiracy because all the culprits have been recalled. So, weeks before Obama was elected two loonies (not that intelligent and not Timothy McVeighs) were arrested for plotting to kill him with high calibre rifles. On Wednesday as he appeared on that huge stage in Chicago there was a bulletproof glass erected around him. So, he is a marked man who can not even afford going to 'honeymoon' after his whirlwind marathon campaign for the White House.

A day later he was busy putting together his White House team of secretaries and technocrats. After his inauguration he will be given 100 days to remove all the muti that George W Bush has sprinkled in his bedroom and house and replace it with some from Kenya.

Obama spoke on Wednesday, not like a man relishing his victory but a man already campaigning for the 2012 elections. He will be there if the gunslingers with bullets engraved with his name do not get to him before them. One of those gunslingers might be in the very Secret Service that is tasked to protect him, or the CIA which is responsible for intelligence, or FBI. Who can Obama trust?

Four percent of my respondents said they were not sure he will become the next president. While they were not giving reasons I was humbled by their honesty, who ever thought? Reverend Jesse Jackson didn't think it was possible, Oprah did, Senator John McCain didn't, so not being sure was not a vote of no confidence but caution.

Another four percent said no. Fine, let them tell me today whether they think the ANC stands a chance next year. As for Obama, may he live to see his grandchildren, because quite frankly, it aint' looking good. Where does Obama go to stay out of trouble? Unfortunately like Caesar he'll have to trust the people around him for the next four years, but as well know, the people around Caesar ended up stabbing him.

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