‘We don’t need no water…’

Okay, so our ugly little racist (I’m not going to honour him by using his name – hyenas deserve no names) decided to plead guilty on Monday for the killing and maiming of so many poor darkies at Skielik earlier this year. This after trying to beat the system by behaving mad and deranged so as not to qualify for trial. However even Adolph Hitler was mentally unstable but that did not make him immune to punishment.

Eventually when the boy’s resistance had come full circle he decided, predictably so to plead guilty and not stress the prosecutor to work overtime. Nice, if only every South Afrikan who has allegedly committed a crime saw the need to save the judiciary money by not starting off by arguing; claiming not to having been drunk on the night they crashed their Jaguars onto other people’s walls, then alleging having been called ‘kaffirs’ and disrespected, then questioning the authenticity of MP3 recordings proving that their speech was slurred, then arguing against the illegibility of some police witnesses, then questioning the storing conditions of their blood sample before it was tested, then beating the system on a technicality.

Why can’t these folks with heavy evidence against them like Robert McBride, Jacob Zuma, Judge Nkole Motata, Tony Yengeni, Jackie Selebi, J.Arthur Brown, Glen Agliotti etc just plead guilty and save us all the trouble of following their trials and seeing their dirty linen.

The Skielik boy does not deserve an award for his plea though because he somehow robbed us of an opportunity to find out what type of a family produces cockroaches like him, how old is his father, mother, whether he has siblings, whether he had received firearm training, whether he called people using ‘k’ words when enraged sometimes.

He has robbed us of an opportunity to write a book about him titled ‘The Skielik Incident, make a film titled Skielik – the final Hours where we would profile the last 24-hours before he went on the rampage. Maybe the boy was under the influence of mampoer, maybe he’s got a substance abuse problem. But what I realise about his plea is this;

The boy wants to polish himself in mitigation of sentencing. I’m certain he’ll call die dominee who baptized him, his primary school teacher, his nanny of seventeen years, his black farmworker friends and some members of the community who’ll swear to god that ‘he’s shown remorse by admitting to the crimes, he’s a young man that prison will turn into a beast if he meets hardened criminals’ and that ‘he needs to be sentenced to community service, even if it means wiping the backsides of darkies’. They will make a strong point. My point for a community service is if he’s going to kiss asses of darkies for seven years. Any darkie who goes to Skielik is entitled to a smooch.

And here is where I get bored. The pressure groups which staged marches outside the Mmabatho courthouse will take their eyes off the ball now that he’s pleaded guilty. They won’t be friends of the court to make guarantee that he does not get off lightly, they won’t be there to make sure that he sticks to his sentencing conditions. And one morning, like lion feeder Mark Scott-Crossley, the boy will be released after religiously sticking to his sentencing conditions and you’ll get all political parties trying to make political capital out of that.

What needs to be done now is for pressure to be accelerated, for a monitoring committee to be set up to eternally keep their eyes on the ball, even when he goes to prison for a light sentence someone must be watching. We don’t need surprise leaders.

For what it’s worth we’ll do about the boy as the Americans like to sing when enraged. As he starts feeling the heat we’ll sing, ‘we don’t need no water let the muthafucka burn’.

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