I Feel like Sh*t IV

But then after barely five minutes of running the engines the pilot shuts them down and informs us that there’s glitch but he’s called on engineers to fix it. He tells us that it will get very hot in the cabin and that we will be served juice and cold oxygen to alleviate the heat. We are served.

Then he says to us engineers will remove something and it will take fifteen minutes and we can now take off. He explains that we can’t go wait in the lounge because it will be a quick operation.

Many minutes later the plane is still being fixed and he announced that they have an embarrassing situation as the engineers have told him the jet is not safe for take-off and we will get into a bus and be returned to the lounge ‘where the ground staff will attend to us

The bus takes forever and when it finally comes we get in, go back to the lounge where there’s no one to explain anything to us.

Now the whites I’m with get furious and start using the boarding gate phone to call whatever number comes to their brains. Some many minutes later a supervisor comes and says we will be put on another flight, the 15h30 one which is boarding.

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