Twenty-One Gun Salute to a fallen Genius!

We have heard with a heavy heart and sadness the news that jazz maestro Bheki Mseleku (53) passed away in London this week after a long struggle against diabetes. Bra Bheki was a brilliant all-rounder who put South Afrika on the map after leaving this country in the aftermath of 1976 to pursue his talent in Britain.

He is survived by his family of course and millions of grieving fans all over the world and he will be dearly missed as a genius who embraced humility even at the time that he could have afforded being pompous. When you make it in the dog-eat-dog of jazz you can be sure that you can make it in any genre, as Bra Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse proved. From being a disco star with Burn Out to being an influencial saxophonist with clout.

This is a lesson to Arthur Mafokate that once his days of singing Koti-Koti are over, he should try playing one of the many respectable instruments like piano, drums, saxophone etc. No matter how thumping your bassline is you are unlikely to get serious recognition as a musician as long as you are still on some Cubase or Fruity Loops.

However one of the reasons behind this post is not to play jokes around Cubasists like DJ Cleo and the whole rap and kwaito fraternity but to honour Mseleku for his sterling contribution to our national music catalogue.

The main reason behind this post is to thank him for having ensured that his passing does not solicit trust funds and other fundraising exercises as it has become synonymous with South Afrikan artist passing away. Mseleku took care of that and for that we appreciate. May his humble sould rest in peace. And to his family, thank you for having borrowed us your son, father, brother, cousin, nephew and uncle.

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