The Joburg Report III

This past week I have been in Jozi once again. I must confess that this time was more interesting than the last time. Even though my prospects of that love train never materialised, it was more because I have been feeling the power of the Kreator on my daily existence that I felt not to spoil my glory. And for the first time in a long while I didn't do the herb (shame on me). But I put together a poem one afternoon and before you get the full Joburg Report, I'll like you read this poem over the weekend.

Joburg III
(a salute)

joburg city highlights here we go again
you never have two minutes here & they stay the same
i'm knocking hustles every step now i'm seeing haven
the lord is still my only father in this trials i face
from being hopeful 'bout tomorrow while everyone is dying
to gulping liquor with strangers now we sharing pep talk
this is the joburg that i love when i feel the tension
where i just chill burn grass watch the sun setting

joburg city highlights make me mayor tonite
i'll corner all the street queens throw a party & jive
to bob marley marvin gaye see our future as bright
talk is cheap we moving miles destination paradise
plus my homies fear death can't shy away from chapels
stuck in prayer six to six begging to turn 40
my only solace is my faith in my bigger calling
i spark blunts but get high from my own drealing

joburg city highlights i smile at kodak moments
snapshots of children learning love in a city full of hating
i love the smell of treachery i'm the main character
protagonist number one i make the city my cradle
i'm a simple ghetto boy reflects in my fabric
my DNA is moolah-moolah i'm still chasing riches
past high hurdles landmines this ain't Beijing Olympics
my aim is not to win gold but own the source of the jewel
it's called the city of gold i ain't seeing nothing shining

welcome to my highlights tonite the sky is glitzy
no weed no sex i reconnect with homies
count every breath that i take like it's pay as you go
city where artists get awards for bing less than average
emphasis' not on being the greatest but the one most heard of
me once again tell the same 'i'm a hustler baby'
i'm the closest you'll come to your dream realised
every word out of my mouth is a pill for your weakness
i solarise joburg vibes & convert them to lightness
it's joburg city highlights hope you pick your favourite

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