The Missing Verse
This verse goes straight into the remix for Journey With Me immediately me and the maker of the original record get ten minutes to bust a rhyme. That's my word!

journey with me as i walk through your oak door/ loaded pistol on my left a blazing spliff on my right/ screaming f*ck the system while i'm the BEE type/ my flack paid for through laundered capital made through contraband/ about to start a mini war with a clan seated for supper/ sooner than later there'll be blood oozing corpses dropping/ sirens blurring one zero triple one dialling/ police taking their time ambulance stalling/ journey with me into a rhyme classified post-orgasmic/ that comes to you after the oomph for my spunk has been dished/ bile-less vomit that i puke when i've been called for a tour/ from my retirement activated by musos dying wanting/ when zombo umanji and mawillies perish broke/ journey to paupers funerals for those who lived like millionaires/ hail mary hail mary don't mean shit no more/ when my journey to your heart activates your wrath/ fuck what you heard when all i'm saying gets picked by deafened ears


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