port elizabeth loving

put me in PE take nothing but my lust
remove temptation from my eyes multiply my years
forget latex rubbers sometimes they tear in a bout
i risk not infection i've come from a long way
don't steal a moment with a she might defile my way
i chase loochie but today my free verse is my guide

one day i get a booty call very late @ night
a skeezer's invitation feels like death to me
i ain't ready to die
still got a lot of poems to write
learn to ignore boiling nuts & a swelling in my pants
i'm smart to the hoochie mama 'til the crack of dawn

i recollect on travels & my journey into self
i survived hillbrow durban & my own hometown
there's no way i'm getting AIDS
let alone in PE
no way i'm sticking my penis on a she i don't know
look @ the sea & catch a breeze 2010 i'm here

i learn a lesson i'm tempted to teach my boys
use that sock on a girl that you trust for real
never fall blind to the temptation brought about by the heat
fall blind to silky thighs as reflected under neon
know when it's on it's really flaming
don't let your soldier burning
leave PE & all its sistas in the hands of villains

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