And then there was a Booooooooooooooooooom!

I am a South Afrikan. Unlike the rest of the world I follow United States of Amerika politics with the same conviction that I follow Afrikan and Middle Eastern politics. I am one of those who believe that Democratic Senator Barrack Obama who is contesting the Democratic Presidential ticket against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has already achieved a milestone larger than the Oval Office.

That he's been out there proving to the world that no race or religion posesses a monopoly to wisdom and intelligence is enough to earn him a Noble Award or an Isithwalandwe.

What is currently worrying is the Jewish lobby appeasing rhetoric of Senator Clinton. Her talk of 'wishing' to obliterate Iran must be contexualised in the tradition of American military misuse. A 60-years old dictionary that I am using defines 'obliterate' as 'to blot out; to efface or destroy'. 'Blot' is defined as 'to stain with infamy' while 'efface' as 'to erase or scratch out; to rub out'.

Obama is correct in saying that such wartalk makes Clinton sound like George Walker Bush. Do you remember statements like 'regime change' and 'if you are not with us you are against us' and 'we would rather meet our enemies in their backyards than on our streets'. How self-defeating.

One; The US is the only nuclear power in the history of war to have deployed its arsenal. When it did it did not use its bombs against military personnel and installations but civilian at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In short, it obliterated two islands filled with innocent men, women and children and caused a wound on the conscience of moral Americans. And now to hear a Senator campaigning to be the President of the US not Israel threatening wiping out innocent Iranian men, women and children in an act of genocide must be one of the weakest election strategies that even Zimbabwean caretaker President Robert Mugabe can not muster.

The Senator would have made sense if she spoke about how to dismantle Natanz and Negev and create a nuclear free Middle East instead of telling the world that if the Zionist state is uprooted from the map; which is something the Iranians would not do to Israel, then she will make the Islamic republic follow the Jewish satellite. My advice; obliterating one will not bring back the other Senator! That's if we ever come to that, which I doubt.

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