Tattoo # 5

September 11

Used to be my friend for real
Together plotting escape routes
Had plans to turn dreams to paper, leave the ghetto alone
Seems our hopes of big balling
Sent the two of us free falling
You made cash I shared in your success

My sudden rise like falcon gave you distorted visions
The blessings f*ck the cusses left you hating my position
I saw the hate in your eyes
Your look of surrender scared me
That today you shadow of self
F*ck what you think I still feel your situation

We ran the streets like drug pushers
Hit party spots announced our presence
With borrowed charm we hit b*tches
Got drunk melted rubber when it suit our egos
You & I versus the world, wonder what happened to us
Do you remember ‘86
We played for the same team
How we ended on opposing sides, begs for answers

All I contend with today told is a contract for mine
Tis down to cat & mouse wonder who’s running from who
The ghetto is suddenly smaller, we out for blood not love
Be told I hide not let fate dictate
Was it me that brought you pain
Is it true you despise my predicament?
I let you know I can’t help it but remain myself

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