Kasiekulture Blog Awards vs Win A Car
Uncle Kwaki suggested that we should form a tag-team and poke more fun at the blue-eyed boys who nearly crucified me for asking why was it possible to have an English president in Zimbabwe while Barrack Obama is being reminded every minute that he is a Negro and he used to snort coke. I asked innocently until I realised that I have stirred an honert's nest with my tongue-in-cheek analysis of race and exclusivity, a la Reiz Hostel.
So, this year instead of waiting to be invited to the South African Blog Awards I decided to do a Jacob Zuma and lobby so that I can be an unstoppable tsunami come April 3rd. Already I have won the crucial Limpopo nomination with a Best Inspirational Blog accolade awarded by our uncle Kwaki who art in Venda. I have a speech that I have prepared because it was a tough contest, or so I'm told. 'I'll like to thank the billionaire boys at Google for buying Blogger and turning it into a global platform. Also for buying youtube and hope that they buy xtube as well, and leave zoopy alone. I also wanna thank the purple haze that gave me all the Pretoria posts. Thank you Tshwane, you and I know I'm barely sober when I'm walking your streets. I wanna say to the other nominees, it's not about winning but about being nominated. Yeah, it's not like to the Naledi Awards (read Lebo M) or SA Blog Awards (read Capdog) but the Uncle Kwaki Blog Awards are the only worthy awards out there. Thank you, come to my after-party".
Sure sure, now here are the Kasiekulture Blog Awards categories;

Best Innovative Blog [A]

Best Updated Blog [B]

Best Layedout Blog [C]

Best Humourous Blog [D]

Most Blunted Blog [E]

Most Honest Blog [F]
Best Visited Blog [G]

Most Inspirational Blog [i]
Most Addictive [J]
and finally Best Commented on Blog [K]

To vote for your favourite Blog SMS 'Kasie' then the alphabet and blog name to +2784362941* or just post a comment. Results soon.

Hey, on a serious note go to the South African Blog Awards website and take part in the 2008 contest. It's a nice initiative that should be supported by all bloggers worth their last post. Nominations are now open. Viva!

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