Imagine a SEX Free Generation

There's something I like about invitations to imagine given that imagination is relative. 'IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITY OF AN AIDS FREE GENERATION'. I'm an eternal optimist and everytime I'm challenged to close my eyes and imagine I do with sincerity.

But an AIDS FREE GENERATION? No ways, I can't. See, most often I'm confronted with statistics that indicate that people of bonking age are at it like rabbits. You don't need to look far but the number of 15-years-old babies who access child support grants without government prosecuting the fathers for statutory rape is enough to make you pessimistic.

How a government can willingly subsidise the welfare of a product of crime without asking pertinent questions is trivial. City Press deputy editor Lizeka Mda wrote that child support grants given to teenage unmarried mothers is akin to 'state sponsored prostitution'.

Men with more money than brain cells continue to bonk hungry poor teenagers without using condoms for the prize of a MIXIT twenty minutes chat. HIV positive men bonk virgins without condoms because they believe they'll be cured of AIDS.

Child Support Grants are won and lost at poker games every payday. You don't need to be a scientist to know that for every pregnant teenager someone did not wear a condom, which means someone might have pruned the flower before it produced petals. And now I'm being summored to IMAGINE AN AIDS FREE GENERATION. Excuse me Sir, but I can't.

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  1. If only God hadnt made sex to be so damn good, i could imagine it but unfortunately the end of the human race will be aids. Which if you think about it is a better way to get extit than being hit by a meteor.


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