Make or Break This BEEF
They say some beef once in a while in the rap game elevates it to another level. Remember Tupac and Biggie ('i f*cked your wife'), Canibus and LL Cool J ('make your wife get on the phone call minister farrakhan'), Dr Dre and DOC ('his album will never sell copper'), Dogg Pound and Mobb Deep ('new york new york big city of dreams'), 50Cent and The Game ('g-not'), Lil Kim and Faith Evans ('i pushed my album back to do ya b*tch a favour'). Well they are too numerous to list including closer to home Senyaka and Brenda ('why uzonda 'magents'), BOP and Arthur ('king king of kwaito'), Mdu and TKzee ('masimbela'). Now Kasiekulture picked this battle verse from one of the freelance emcees of Bushbuckridge. And like they say on BET and MTV, it's only a game. Nas said during his beef with Jigga-man 'some beef is everlasting'. All we can say is 'don't bring me beef i'm a vegetarians/ i settle every verbal squabble at a cipher session'

verse one;
we not out to prove sh*t this is a classic CD/ tenworkers warfare baby the deal is sealed/ three best emcees in the industry packed and sold to you/ super-poets word-soldiers the best this country has seen/ we on a mash for crisp titos out to rob you of skills/ how many times should we repeat (b*tch) we the best around/ skwatta kamp they headless chickens k*ffirs need a compass/ hold that 35k sh*t bozza the army needs you/ i watch emcees sink the game is titanic to mizchief/ pro kid/ proverb/ hypnatic thabs you shake/ it's hiv/ the heat is on/ ya k*ffirs need a condom/ hip-hop pantsula/ pitch black afro/ help yourself m*'fuckas/ raise your hands/ abdicate/ the most wanted is here/ i see ya b*tches kinda shook relax i'm just one in ten/ it's fun to kill ya m*'fuckas on this well-cooked beat/ who/ beatmaker drex nemza/ semitone/ who the f*ck is that/ good question/ the ones with lips on my dick/ one who think i stole his beat/ it's warfare we out to kill and the battle is on/ (come on) bring it mu*fuckas armageddon is here/ pity i'm f*cking all ya b*tches it's a one night stand/ i'm saying all this sh*t wh*res and i ain't rapping again

chorus: it's hip-hop/ hip-hop/ bring your skills to the session/ bring your whack beat emcees be prepared to die!/ this is the scariest battle verse you'll ever hear in your lives

verse two:
i'm just here for one recording and i'm gone tomorrow/ give back this m*thaf*cka to the novice to kill/ even when i'm finally gone ya wh*res remember my sh*t/ the best one night stand i had was with your favourite music/ me with a mike in a studio and i know it's a quickie/ me with a mike in a studio and i know it won't last/ sorry emcees i couldn't help it but your b*tch loved me/ sorry to HYPE magazine i'll never grace your cover/ apologies tuks and selwyn but your rap lines suck/ wickid my man we take it back but i leave you behind/ i'm not a f*cking emcee but i sticked dick in your rap/ b***ttcch!/ i give the microphone back and you can shove it up yours/ hhooss!

repeat chorus

verse three;
i bring bushbuckridge violence burning cars and corpses/ your family just buried a shadow/ we see your zombie every night/ your genitalia's shrinking boys/ your search for answers on google/ bushbuckridge gave you a chance to turn this game around/ made this game your meal ticket while it stays my wh*re/ you'll never catch me on a f*ck with it/ only do it in brothels/ while ya clowns run on stages dressed in baggy like kriss kross/ spelling your names shouting your hoods as if you came from heaven/ mine is bushbuckridge boys your whole family goes missing/ forensic evidence shows they're in jamaica getting high/ while every evening we see them ploughing acres of maize/ my sh*t is ghetto like Black Label and i'm raw to the core/ i'm the billboard for bushbuckridge plus all the ills you have heard/ it's hip-hop

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  1. this cats needs milk,dope verses which cannot be recorded in the bible,this beef must decompose during the process of mustication around the peristalsis,dope punchliness.tons silly


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