a belated tribute

'butterfly kisses' be your mama's lullaby
it's been good since '86 now is time to say goodbye
parting is such a sour pill when you young and you dying
for your full potential never reached maturation
only in times of war that parents survive they offspring
there must be war out there if youth perish like flies

late night hymns and cries from mothers in dark garbs
halleluyah hossana drowning in rooibos tea
long as the youth feel this pain beer remains the DOC*
alleviate the stress baby sink the sorrow and pain
we ain't here to support we came to start our own

aluta continua the ghetto's brand-neo kaddish
hail mary hail mary now's got a house remix
we party hard and pass out demand our rites of passage
today you here tomorrow you gone imprint you on our t-shirts
spark zippos blaze ounces and call for paradise now

molly is no more that's why we act this reckless
she died in an ambulance that's where we're all headed

DOC* - drug of choice

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