One Swallow doesn't make a Summer

"A one night stand is the equivalent of quenching a thirst. That I now want to quench a thirst with two pints does not mean that I don't enjoy binges. There's time for a binge, there's time for quenching a thirst, please understand" - Anonymous.

There's a friend who is a little cyber-disabled, who I keep posted (no pun intended) about posts on AfroSliqDiva's blog, especially recent ones with mystery HP in the picture. He likes Oh Really Now! with all his heart I have no doubt in my heart that once he's cyber-abled he'll have it as his default browser and become her disciple.

He says that ASD (not LSD you crackfiend!) sounds like a clingy type of a chick. You know me now cuz I know clingy chicks and I immediately begged to differ and told him about how she blogged that she went for months without a proper shag. Kwaki cautioned me about swallowing every ASD bait as if it's the Gospel truth though.

My friend says that she sounds like the type that just when you thought you've got a girlfriend you soon realise that you've got three attachments for the price of one. He says that before you know it you suddenly have a girlfriend who's a wife-wannabe or a girlfriend who thinks she's a wife and suddenly grooms you about what colours will look kosher on you and what teethbrush (those Verimark ones) will unlock that invasive plague in your molar.

You also have a neo-mama (new mother). Suddenly the brother puts on pink ties and red shirts because girlfriend-wife-wannabe-mama wants a guinea pig for her newfound fascination with metrosexuality - the neo-fag (new gay) front. He alleges, "maybe I didn't even want a girlfriend in the first place but a one-night-stand who'll screw me rotten in my Dickies pants, my Orlando Pirates replica jersey and my Superga half-boots without sorting my wardrobe while I'm sleeping. Somebody who'll wake up in the morning and ask not for my numbers because she'll understand a brandy and coke moment to be just that". Viva VO Martell!

I still begged to differ.

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  1. Yazini ne, your friend has gotten it so twisted. I am NOT trying to be any of the things he "thinks" I am! Especially clingy! My gawd!!!

    My mind it too kurupt 4 me to try too hard at being wifey/neo-mama/clingy girlfriend.

    And just so he knows, I hate the metrosexual garbage with pink shirts/ties! I like them gangstaH.


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