Yodemo has been dangling a huge 50KZAR carrot, covered in Prada and Louis Vuitton for all the gold-diggers and the equally greedy juicy whores. Our phly sista who art at Oh Really Now! has been nibbling at the carrot like a pack of hungry sardines. I thought, let me give these two a lesson they can share during Eskom's load-shedding in Nelspruit.

Lesson number one; When I was little I had a piggy bank where I would stash a few coins when other kids bought ice cream with theirs. Six months down the line they didn't have enough to buy ice cream but I had R13,46c and could afford buying 26 ice creams and still save 46c. However I bought one vanilla ice cream which I shared with my friends and then my very first novel (book) titled Black Beauty for R7,50c, saving myself R5,96c.

Many years later I still have a piggy bank the size of an elephant. When folks around me bought sweeteners and happy pills some years ago I bought myself a shelf company, 10workers Media.

10workers makes books (Taste of My Vomit), and my decision to buy a shelf company was simply to finally own the means of (book) production. Since I love reading books, magazines and newspapers I now plan to buy the whole fucking Exclusive Books and sell the books I don't like to you, your friends, family and neighbours while I chill and drink strong black coffee from the store coffee-shop.

The point behind this short lecture; Never dwell into what you have to the point that it defines who you are. You are eternally bigger than whatever you can attain. We are greater than material people that's why there is no excuse why we should stress about it when it's out there for the taking.

Remember that the fact that you didn't have what you have yesterday simply means that you might not have it tomorrow. Thus, if you let material defines who you are and how you relate to people you'll lose yourself the minute it disappears from your sight.

And soon you'll be getting into our nerves with delusions of grandeur about deals which are not happening. Make enough money to look at an H2, Bentley, Lamborghini, a penthouse next to Keg n Jock and a farm in St Lucia knowing too damn well that you can afford them all at once, but you choose not to buy any of them instead a 3 bedroom manor at the White River Golf Estate. Money is good because it buys you choice - and choice is expensive.

At the end of the day whatever survives you are not the losers who'll be enriching lawyers fighting for your estate but your reputation. In 2005 many people lived and died, some wearing Giorgio Armani and Gucci. Some died in condomeniums. Who are they? Attend civil cases and you'll know them plus the losers they left behind.

Last weekend I attended the South African Literary Awards where there was a category named K Sello Duiker. Who was Kabelo Sello Duiker? If you don't know him now you still have a lifetime to know him - or otherwise Google and see how he is survived.

That French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once said that we shouldn't leave this world without leaving traces that will remind posterity of us. I hope you two are listening. Class dismissed!

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