The Night of the Long Knives. Fact or Fiction?

The last post I did about Antjie Krog and her book was a little tense, I am told. One commentator whose comment I rejected told me that I seem to be too edgy for democracy's liking. I asked what's the point of democracy if China is flourishing economically without national elections? Even if they tried to have them obviously the billion people would create a logistics nightmare for the Chinese Electoral Commission.

So, today I thought as it is towards the end of the year I might gloss over a few stories that made headlines in the mainstream media this year. However, the one I really liked was about the Night Of Long Knives conspiracy theory. A metaphor borrowed from Adolf Hitler's slaughter of the remnants of a regime he toppled in a bloodless coup.

A bunch of boers with nefarous motives, drunk from mampoer announced to one another through email and sms over a cold weekend that there was a collective darkie conspiracy to kill all boers in the event that old former president Nelson Mandela woke up dead due to old age or illness.

Paranoia gripped the thousands of farmers still on disputed land that is currently eyed by the Land Restitution Commission. Some stockpiled on canned food, powdered milk, cornflakes, bottled water, toilet paper, biltong, soap bars, toothpaste and airtime, causing the reserve bank to hike interest rates to meet the inflation. Some bought millions of rounds of ammunition and filled empty mielie meal bags with river sand preparing for the kaffir commandos while darkies were busy building stadia for 2010 and not even bothering to learn hand-to-hand combat.

That just went to show the shallowness of parts of the Afrikaner community of this country. It was puzzling to others but to some of us it was a repetition of the same stupidity that saw the whole volk being led by a white bearded Afrikaner armed with a Z88 pistol while other nations are led by people with university degrees. The whole volk that has produced academics, authors, poets, businesspeople and intellectuals subjecting itself to the leadership of a man who can not properly mount a horse.

After studying what I thought would really happen if Mandela died I came to a conclusion that whoever believed the rhetoric is as stupid as the people who created it on Microsoft Word. Remember that of all the Special Branch cops who killed, maimed, tortured and brutalised darkies only the deceased Gideon Niewoudt was assaulted by a black adolescent in a rage. All those ugly baboons that sat at the Amnesty Commission and lied while provided with lawyers paid for by the state never received a simple klap.

My conclusion; Such rhetoric should not even be taken seriously since it comes from schirzophrenic farmers with a cellphone and an email address whose cellphones' reception should be blocked and webserver blacklisted (finally 'black' will make sense).

In short, this is one of the stories I will continue to bring you until the end of the year.

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