Like Fine Wine He is the other half of the entertainment industry's unorthodox sibling duo Makgema Brothers and a 50% shareholder in Makgema Entertainment (otherwise referred to in unofficial documents as Mega-Mak, a budding company which's projected activities include film and video production, book publishing and opening a church for Niggas. The other half of this eccentric Bushbuckridge chiselled brand is journalist/poet/enterpeneur Mr Tshwarelo Eseng who is also a recently in demand provocational speaker and blogger (http://yodemo.blogspot.com).
DJ Ntate J Modise (real name Modise Mogakane) has just released his debut house EP titled Jeso which like all reputable media we are going to put through the acid test.
A media statement churned out by the company's PR office says Jeso is a teaser to the impending LP titled Intensive J Unit: Tsa Bushi Fela (IJU; Exclusively Bushbuckridge's). The company, which claims as of end of October to have already peddled 257 copies of Jeso by word of mouth says that the LP will be the first Xitsonga/Pulana/Shona/English and Siswati house album ever. For sure nobody has ever played around with these languages without fear of ethnic reprisals (don't be too intelligent about these semantics, English is the ethnic language of England).
Listening to Jeso, which comprises four tracks and three remixes however does not do much to market the talent of Ntate J Modise, the twenty-years old producer who has worked on several currently underground (read - 'underground') hip-hop and house releases. The four tracks contained on the EP all sound extremely tired, digitally recycled and one will need to listen very carefully to hear the transistion from one track to the next as they all come across as extended versions of the title track for which Modise says 'creates a joyous anticipation for the Return of the Lord'. Let it be mentioned that it's a Lord the other half of the Cannibal Kin does not believe in.
While it has funky and intoxicating beats and looping percussions it is the guerilla-in-house element about it that makes the packaging more attractive than the audio.
Regardless of technical flaws which become obvious to a discerning listener the EP has created quite a hive of interest in especially Dwarsloop, Thulamahashe, Acornhoek and Shatale. Obvioiusly 257 people a month can't be wrong, ask Speedy or 3Sum. "The Makgema philosophy is that music is a business, and if the creators of the work do not see any profit, they are just in the wrong business. Hence, we would rather sell 10 000 copies in two years and keep all the profit than to sell 300 000 units in one year and keep none of the profit", good-looking Modise says, in another lifetime he was a model or a Greek god. He seems not to see his looks as a liability though.
At his age Ntate J Modise has created quite a reputation for himself as a club dee jay, together with his other partner in crime who completes the trinity called Saint Jerome (Jeremiah Hlatswayo), a producer who has worked on many of the MegaMak Entertainment upcoming albums and a single Tenworkers Media project The Ghetto Says. They are planning to take over the world, or whatever remains of it after the Third World War, this will be a digital war of turntables and synthesizers. Ntate J Modise, who regularly deejays at 606 Tavern in Shatale (read - Bushbuckridge) says his middle name 'J' is a mystery along the same lines as Judas, Jacob (Zuma), King James, Pope John Paul, Joyous Celebration etc. The EP retails at US$7 (R49) and is a must-have for every music collector, especially those wearing the brand of Proudly South African. It's still better than most of the mainsteam albums released for festive this year in South Afrika. "Tell Bill Gates to give me back my money", is Makgema's slogan.

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  1. Like the vintage model. God is good to them niggaz


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