The other day while I was in Tshwane with my most loyal Bantus and we were wasted on some of that hydro shit that we use a pair of scissors to sort I asked them a question which I don't have a ready answer to. 'What happens when the clock stops ticking?' Now you only measure the intelligence of your company by asking them such questions and me I keep the company or real smart folks. I hardly settle for less.

Now the first Bantu, after much thought says to me, 'nothing happens when the clock stops ticking'. Well, I reckon you have figured me by now that I don't settle for scapegoats or cop-outs so I ask the Bantu what she means by 'nothing'.
'When the clock stops ticking it means life stops because everything depends on time', she says. I then engaged them and said that while it's really true that we stop living when the time stops because our ages are made up of seconds that became minutes that became hours that became days that became months that became years and later became 21 years to the elusive key of freedom.

Now, when the clock stops ticking it means that everything stops except the oxygen we are breathing and the heartbeat which is facilitated by fresh oxygen in the veins and arteries. But then for every heartbeat there is another fibre of growth added to the person and for every involuntary breath there is another ounce of growth. Have you heard about plasma, white and red cells and haemoglobin? That is why when you work out you are reducing your aging process and adding value to your natural life. If you work out for one hour everyday immediately after that and until the next work out you are one hour younger and credited with one hour on your natural life.

Okay, enough with working out. The other Bantu then says that when the clock stops ticking everything continues as usual because our existence does not depend on the clock but on time. She argues that before there was a wristwatch there was day and night and human beings. She says that a clock was created by humans and so it can not determine the quality of life of humans. Right, but then how did they know in the beginning (Genesis 1) that it was day and night if there was not barometre to measure time? Do you remember that Joshua instructed the sun to yield in the Bible and it did because he was busy slaughtering the Gibeons? (Joshua 10)

What happens when the clock stops ticking? 'Nothing', but then 'nothing' is not a 'what' (something). 'Nothing' starts with 'no' which is a negative while 'something' begins with 'some' which means 'be' or 'it' or 'exist' as in someone, somebody, something etc. Something is tangible.

Okay, let's move along; My contribution to my Bantus was simple, 'I think when the clock stops ticking we all die'. So, ask yourself what makes you (a human clock) tick? Money, car, house, clothes - are you your clothes or your car or your money or are you a clock ticking even without the additions? If we took that away from you would you still be you?

If not, what makes you fail to tick? Because once you stop ticking, you are dead. If a clock stops ticking it dies, but life goes on just the same. Or so I guess.

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