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Price: $22,00 (R149,00) incl p&p
Review by: Your Uncle Kwaki
Goodenough Mashego's second offering 'Taste of my vomit' raises the bar tis illmatic* in text .... wait those are his words not mine, talk of an ego but unfortunately it's true. Despite its rather revolting title it is rather addictive (which I guess would explain the green bottle on the cover).
There are four chapters taking you through the hate he habours within, the different kinds of love he feels, his journeys and the temptations he faced ... (I still cant imagine how he remained celibate in P.E .... buy the book to see what I mean).
Then there are the women in his life (and I thought I used to be a player) for a guy who wishes an AIDS related death to all the women he ever dated there is an element of sentimental conflict within some of the pieces which have a hint of nostalgia.
The last chapter simply titled R.I.P made me wonder if it was a good idea to be on a friendly basis with this guy considering the number of friends he has buried, I'm sure he has poured more pints 'for the homies' than he has drank himself which would explain 'Shatale', the poem based on his hometown. The reason there are so many thugs is probably because of all that liquor seeping into the underground water resevoirs which feed the Dam they get their water from ... so in a sense everyone there is intoxicated, at least he is coz there is no way a man of sober habits could write shit this good. Remember Kwaki's your uncle.

This review first appeared on Kwaki's LIFE blog.


AfroSLiQ Diva said...
Sounds like a good read.... your review has got me wanting to get my hands on that book! Since you've done read it already, pass it on!!!Later "Uncle"
10workers media said...
Saw the review, wow, you should hook up another job with Sundayworld, at least you can teach the folks at Sowetan how to read with a critical mind and still be able to come out with a 150 word good review. I was tempted to pay you but then I remembered that I gave you something for free. Hey, remind me once again of those dudes who like to go on ego trips by reading their feelings to the world. I hope to be there soon and give em a what????? Taste of my.......... you know the rest. Sure

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