Today marks the 13th year that South Africans will be celebrating a milestone in a history filled with pain and trauma. A history filled with brothers and sisters who left home and never to be seen again. A history made up of old bones dug from unmarked graves all over the world to afford martyrs a decent burial. It will be a celebration of the final destination in a journey undertaken since 1652 when Dromedaries, Reiger and Goedehoop anchored at the Cape Point and robbed this Southern tip of Africa of its innocense. That is the year Africa was repeatedly raped and impregnated, and thus Afrika du Sud was born. April 27, 1994 marked the restoration of this country's dignity and the confirmation of its sanity. One wonders why is this country still holding on to a bastard name when it had a name before being christened Afrika du Sud or Suid Afrika.
Some people say tomorrow presents to every South African thirteen reasons to be happy and fly the multi-coloured flag high in memory of those who had to offer the ultimate sacrifice inorder to bring about a new dispensation. There are those who say the day ushered in a new form of oppression. Word on the streets is that oppression has not ended, it's just that the oppressor has changed and De la Rey is an Afrikaner gimmick.
Reasons are being given by different people that the boers offered jobs in their government based on race and affiliation to die Nasionale Party and Broederbond. Observers say that since 1994 the country is experiencing a serious 'Zanunisation' of the public sector. Almost all senior government and parastatal positions, and in some cases even juniour are only given to members of the African National Congress. The situation has resulted in people joining the ANC simply to access either government employment, tenders or immunity on the part of the authorities when they later practise corruption. No wonder some high ranking ANC officials were surprised that the Scorpions could arrest them as well if they squander public funds
Kasiekulture can not factually tell if allegations of patronage have base apart from that since 1994 it has become a political reality that the ANC has split into factions. And a closer study of those factions reveal that none of them is driven by the need to give A Better Life for All to 45 million South Africans but personal economic benefits.
Since 1994 comrades are given government work to build low-cost houses and roads but all that is seen is unfinished work while they continue to get away with it and secure more contracts.
Since 1994 male teachers have gone on the rampage having sex with female learners while the
South African Democratic Union which was vocal pre-'94 has suddenly lost its voice against its own members.
Since 1994 we have seen a bourgeouning black middle class that relies on credit to finance their lifestyles.
Since 1994 we have seen massive unemployment and exodus of skilled labour to empower first world countries.
Since 1994 we have witnessed police becoming more and more incompetent with prisoners escaping and dockets exchanged for cash. We have also seen suspects killed in holding cells without anyone being called to account.
Since 1994 we have seen a six percent economic growth that is not translated into more people becoming wealthy but a small clique that has become billionaires while the majority starve.
Since 1994 we have seen Black Economic Empowerment and formerly good comrades being compromised by money
Also since 1994 we have seen clinics being built by government and free basic health care given to children up to the age of 14. We have seen schools built and education being offered for free to those who can not afford it.
We have seen more subsidised housing (RDP) being offered to families who have never owned a home all their lives.
We have seen a decentralisation of services like
Home Affairs, police, tax services and even government itself.
Maybe there are reasons to celebrate. Those who are 13 years this year obviously should do so without questioning. That's because nobody promised them anything they couldn't deliver. However for those who are far too old, who have lived in the old apartheid four roomed houses since 1960 and who still live there, and who can't help but wonder what's wrong with RDP houses built post'94 that continue to crumble, they've cause for concern.
Today is that, a day to reflect on promises made and broken. It's a day that politicians, especially ANC comrades from all levels should sit back and ask themselves, 'what have I done for my community lately'.

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