Pitso started a series of Poetry Clubs in Shatale High School that hold poetry readings once a week. The first club was established in Lehlasedi High, and he has since moved on to Letshele, Sekhukhusa, Serisha and is now eyeing Ditau High School where he's facing difficulty with the school administration there. It is people like Pitso that the Department of Education need to salarize and ensure that they don't abandon their projects once work, far divorced from the arts beckons someday. It is such altruistic spirit that should be nurtured by companies as part of their Social Responsibility. If only every community could start similar structures, HIV/AIDS and crime could definitely be halved since there'll be an avenue for young people to channel their frustrations and anger and not to resort to beer and drugs. As a token of its appreciation for people of this calibre KasieKulture today publishes one of Pitso's poems. Actually he's got over a hundred in English and Sesotho languages.

the hearbeat

let da heart beat
feel da heat shit!
shit heat heart beat
i am da son of the soil
i grew from da dusty streets
i was raised eating casava, merepho marope
i kick 2 kill like an ostrich

i am da son of the moon, da sun and da stars
i am da commet, eclypse nd disasters
i am da autumn, summer nd winter
i am da spring, flowers nd trees
i am da tsunami, katrina sabrina
i am da volcano, tornado, thunderstorms
i am da earthquake, wind nd rain
i am da diamond, platinum gold
i am da ugly, beautiful bold
i am da ansestors, nature nd god
i am da rape, bribery nd aids
i am da clouds, da sky nd earth
i am my mother, granny nd uncle
i have no father i'm an african dat is the norm
i'm the son of the dance, songs nd drums
i'm the poetry, words nd more words
i am able unable i'm not disable
at dawn i wake up, watch da sun rise
at dusk i make up, watch da sun set
dat rise is yellow nd da setting is orange
da player say prayers 4 + change

i make babies everywhere nd let the government pay
commit crimes nd bribe 2 set myself free
i'm a drug dealer can't b caught no identity
i rape kids break out of jail 2 gain publicity
i can b ur teacher nd ur luva my money talks
i share name with a foreigner thanks 3 home affairs
i cross oceans skip contries no citizenship
i'm illegal i'm money loaded can buy an ID cheap
I make rules break them I'm a president
accommodate chinese, indians white residents
i am da son of fraud
da daughter of assault
i'm fed up with da fruits of democracy nd freedom
once again let da heart beat
from da sun feel da heat
i grew up from dusty streets
mind u i take no shit
don't step my heels from the back
like stopping on a snake's tail i can bite
ke tletse ditshele ke a loya no mercy u better check
i am black

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