Why is it so hard to understand hate movements?
Last week I wanted to spoil a few racists I know in the media industry by becoming one of them and join the Ku Klux Klan, a home-brewed American terrorist cell that seems to hate Jews more than other non-Caucasian races. Now that it's got a global reach I figured the folks who have been turning down my stories in some of the media are actually covert members and wanted to surprise them one day at the cross-burning meeting in Bryanston by appearing masked as a Knight only to remove the mask and shout 'voila, ya people thought you were alone, right?'
The KKK ideology as I came to discover during my self-orientation can't be divorced from that of the European skinheads whose weapon of choice is a molotov cocktail (petrol bomb) thrown into a residential flat occupied by people from other parts of this one big globe we are supposed to share. The skinheads (Neo-Nazis) doctrine is derived from obsolete racial purity beliefs as advocated by schirzophrenic gutter philosphers like Adolf Hitler and literature such as Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Familiarise yourself with this literature and understand why they hate you so much while you've never taken their land or dispossessed them in any way.
Its roots, weak as they may be are today the basis of ultra-white movements like the beloved KKK whose most exhibitionist trait is burning a huge cross since there are few disempowered darkies in the South left to can perform a successful lynching. Darkies are not around but in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting the KKK's war. Pity.
Poet Laila Mataka wrote inspiring poetry in her book Being A Strong Black Woman can get you killed, influenced by this group of old men who choose to think like children at a kindergarten (just find them in camo and AK47s and you'll think they are a potent force whereas they can't stand pyrotechnics on New Year's Eve).
Given the KKK's fascination with destroying Black churches under the cover of darkness (forgetting who the King of darkness is) Mataka wrote, "if someone burns your church/ it's their way of saying 'fuc' you and fuc' your god too". Brave heh?
Look, the common factor in all racists, including the Boeremag, Afrikaner Weerstand Beweging (AWB), Kach, Witwolve, the David Cohen group and many others is unfounded paranoia. One wonders if they smoke a lot of marijuana during their meetings where they share Photoshop distorted pictures of imaginary Russian tanks and All Nigger Battalions, since it's the one drug known to possess such delusioning powers.
Interesting enough, on my Imperial Klans of America (IKA) International Online Application Form they wanted me to take a pledge that "I am not addicted to or a user of illegal drugs". That's pledge number two of ten, some have got a lot to do with racial issues and criminal records and hatred for Jews which in our civilized world is called anti-Semitism.
Again, interesting enough, like all racists they base their hatred of all things unlike them on the teachings contained in the Bible and some obscure literature, the same Bible inspired by the same God who according to Mataka they swear at everytime they burn his houses of prayer. Steve Bantu Biko once said that sometimes the biggest waste of time is to try and understand why some people do some things. I have given up myself.
Isn't this bunch quite funny folks to hang with on a boring Sunday afternoon when the PSL is off-season?
I'll like to spend a quiet summer evening with a KKK family and laugh my lungs out at their rhetoric. For me they sound like David Kau or Loyiso Gola on stage. I guess their act can be compared to masturbation while one has got access to a willing lover. Choosing to wank when you can make love with an VCD free lover can only be equated to gross stupidity or self-abuse.
Kasiekulture wanted to take them seriously but at the end I couldn't join. Simple; I would rather spend $10 (their montly subscription) and one afternoon every month watching a traffic light changing from red to green or dubbed episodes of Murder She Wrote. Aluta!

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