St Lucas tha Ribelatti likes to say 'Bushbuckridge we put the whole planet under siege'. Be assured that he is not joking. Today Kasiekulture is going to post original lyrics from the hip-hop/ poetry recording 'The Ghetto Says'. Only the poem below the lyrics is not in the recording but it's a sign of what Ribelatti loves to say. This lyrics are available for free download and freestyle on your own beat, that's until you meet the artist. The poem after the lyrics is by poet Goodenough Mashego from his upcoming book Taste of my Vomit

Track: When I Enter The Gates
Artist: H-Eye-Vee, feat Jackie (Her Name Rhymes With Mbeki)
Produced: by St Jerome, Tshwarelo eseng Mogakane
Lycics and chorus: Tshwarelo eseng Mogakane 2006
A Makgema Brothers Outfit

[MATTHEW Chapter 7 verse 13]
When I rap thru the spooky valley of the shadows of Limpopo
Without food, kua Mandela village, re eja Maphopho
I shall fear no Geddo starring
I shall only be God fearing
Perusing the bible and searching for the truth
On my own, far from the madding youth
Marching on like a bloody troop
As I craze for loot, in Dwarsloop
Where Makgema want the stake and motherfuckers the soup
Collecting my thoughts as my demons regroup
Oh Shaks! There’s a Jesus on my stoep
But where St JEROME’s melodies are blowing I shall follow
Coz besides the music everything else is hollow
That’s why ke decidile go ya solo
I’m damn deep, that’s why ke sena tomorrow
That’s why my ballads are bleeding sorrow
Do I really need another life to borrow?
Another BENNY HINN to preach again?
So I can be born again, again?
Escape hell and the pain
Walk thru the HEAVENLY GATES without having to run
As if I hear GOD saying well done
Oh, my God don’t make it hard for me
When I enter thru the gates of heaven (x2)
Can’t believe I fell asleep when I was about to ignite
Six long years later, late Saturday nite
It’s half-past 8, I’m drunk and about to start a fight
Just when I was close to the light
I’m going blind, losing my sight
Forget the insight
I’m about to make somebody bleed
When I should lead, by example and water the seed
But in BUSHBUCKRIDGE, many motherfuckers is full of greed
No sponsorship for my shit coz I’m full of weed
Looking grown but deep down I’m still a kasie-fucking kid
So forgive the rebel for penning a dirge
Understand my whole life is on the fucking verge
Please understand SHATALE, the Geddo from which I emerge
Full of superstitious motherfuckers hanging on muti’s ledge
Between politics, witchcraft or HAVOHEJ (Jehovah)
Ke diteng-kwibidi, kua MATIBIDI
Where the real Moloi is found
When walking outta the gate you better watch the ground
For any wicked design
Now watch it now, yo stepping outta line
Into the sickness (H-Eye-Vee)
It’s a snare, this rap shit is just a business
Chorus (repeat)
keo llela kae?
Keo llela kae, menyako e kwalega
bashemanyana re bolayana banyan ba belega?
Uneducated just a pre-school graduate from MONTEDI

still stuck in this Geddo like MOLETANGWEDI
Haven’t seen a single cent mo kgweding tse pedi
Tse tharo
Ao, MORENA ka mabitso a mararo
No mino petri
My cigarette lit
Tryin’to increase, the bliss
Get a taste of Iblis
In this, geddo TELEKINESIS
Ruri ruri, there’s no hope when yo mind is sober
That means more daydreaming until OCTOBER
GOGO SANI saying God is good but I haven’t seen it so far
That’s why my gun is on top of the sofa
Unlike Aba-Zalwan’ba rich, all I know is to suffer
I close my bible and start to rebel
Til the angel of death rings my bell
Til I see SATAN in RED when I shout HELEL
DIABOLO lea mo tshaba
Nkare lea mo cava
Betraying like a good lover
It’s very, very dark, now I’ma let it go
Like MALELE said, "You never know."
Perhaps there’s more
Perhaps worse is still to come
Like the day MUCCADUM, lost his mom
We couldn’t talk about it
We only believed and prayed she entered heaven, no doubt about it
But now we trapped in the corners of the NIGHTMARE
With an unknown DESTINY to share
Even though PEARLY GATES is closed we dare
Our hope shining like the moon out there
Fortune will set us free by JUNE I swear
Chorus outro
This track is dedicated
To RAHIM, CONFERENCE, my caffre who went to JAIL before reaching his DREAM
LORD please, don’t make it hard for him
-4kof SATAN

shatale (take two)

my neighbourhood is a hustler's nightmare - nothing moving
believe for everybody out t'was telekenisis
we dreamt big against witches put our trust in the most high
'ven when we smoked grass & cussed we stayed focused on riches
the biggest picture wasn't plasma but a house full of kids
a 72 centimetre monitor plus satellite tv
but my ghetto wasn't kind nobody left it alive
it was shatale to the grave serisha swallowed them all

we resolved to dream though the odds were mountainous
bushbuckridge's finest hustlers ain't no 1 can stop us
south africa's shining examples we raise the bar watch 'em perish
we are the fantasies of losers daily stealing from pensioners
the evasive diamond that resulted in the big hole of kimberely
nothing you get in here only weedsmoke & AIDS
the girls ain't giving us love they steal our cash get us poisoned
though it's my hood i swear to god i'll catch the first plane out

my boys & me we treasure hunters searching for el dorado
our exploits in urban jungle turn tv's survivor to fiction
forget the apprentice with a mogul we do it with reality
when warfare was finally born we screamed "fuck national lottery"
a heist @ a casino the work of tenworkers
all in hellraizer's faculty the money became a demon
we appeased with daily prayers we never slept for days
these are my ghetto highlights incase you fall asleep

my neighbourhood is full of shit explains this mask on my face
though every night we making plans to finally render it orphan
everyday we see teachers spreading AIDS to learners
wisdom now comes tagged in rands no one affords to buy
us we hustlers our doctrine derived from a corner
when we wake up feeling atheist we create our own god
existing only in our minds we only pray when we high
black jesus remains elusive like a faithful woman
my ghetto got room for all but i sleep in my conscience

cut from the side of the cloth that you wipe your feet on
never given any compass we navigate like buccaneers
nocturnal in a cave our eyes shed light like mongrels'
been to every corner of this country chasing thousands & millions
found poor families single mothers & babies crying for parents
found my boys against all odds we strive to rise to the top
sometimes we smile when we weeded & talk a lot when drunk
i give love to my daughter & my babymama
we came up with no money no family no love
@ the end my whole crew can now exclaim, "we finally arrived"

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  1. Anonymous4/19/2007

    were is shatale part 1?


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