Goner-rapper Mizchief once rapped that his mother once told him that if he doesn't make it through his music in South Africa, he must catch the first bus (not plane) to Zimbabwe. One can not help but wonder if he heeded that advise. The picture below was taken at Acornhoek many years ago when he was still a superstar. With him is Goodenough Mashego (left) Mashudu Komane and Michael Mashego (right)

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  1. Mizchief - Hmmmm (note my sigh) is one hip-hop artist that could've made it big and cash in whilst enjoying being a superstar!!! When he came out he was No. 4 in my list of good emceez emzansi (especially with that flow of his and the american eccent - I'm all for vernac but hey at that time he was hot) but somehow he just lost it. Now I'm just waiting to see how Zos "Young Nation" will make a come back after a very good single and months of silence. I see you guys are wearing what looks like b'ball gear, do you play??? Just askin- nothing much!


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