Seven lyrics about the Son of God. This is a new post-Sunday feature. Send your lyrics and picture and grace this space

"When Jesus Christ is all of a sudden born in Qhudeni, near Nquthu, you can't help but sit and listen" - Makhosazana Xaba

"They say Jesus is my father but I ain't seen Jesus in my house" - St Lucas tha Ribelatti

"I smoked a spliff with Jesus Christ" - Lebogang Mashile

"Few people remember me like they forgot Jesus Christ" - Goodenough Mashego

"We hail Jesus Christos, in time of trouble and need" - Uhuru

"My girlfriend sends poems to Jesus Christ" - Gary Cummiskey

"Jesus is a communist/ marching side by side/ with the feminist" - Mbongeni Khumalo

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