Again this week we are sampling a few lines written by poets in their personal capacity about the Son of God. Copyright to every line is held by the poets and they are reproduced on this blog for the purpose of their relevance to the subject.

"you are waiting for who’s cum
make your own cum
cos jesus is taking his holy time
coming in slow motion

-kgafela oa magogodi

"You do not attend conferences and camp meetings
Or sell tape sets of your sermons
Or your book –
"How to Get Rich With Jesus"
-Mike Hageman

"I would like jesus to come down and demonstrate urgently
on live tv that kindness is a more efficient way to live.

-Robert Berold

"Father Christmas wields the power
O’er baby Jesus in the byre
Up until the midnight hour
When he too becomes a liar

-Michael Roy

Feels sick as he pulls down poster by poster
First his sculptured god, followed by the jesus impostor
The corrupt ghost join the exodus tis trinity in a suitcase

-Goodenough Mashego

"But still, punish me, almighty Allah
Frame me with the sin of Adam
Though your Jesus died for my depression
Frame my sisters with the lust of Eve

-St Lucas tha Ribelatti

"for the loss, the black loss
the blame is on the fake believers of the crucifying cross
for the black bled, the black got blasted
i blame jesus for wishes he left ungranted

- Tall Sperm

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