" We are ready to sacrifice generation after generation", Laila Khalid tells a crowd at Nairobi, during the World Social Forum's first Africa incursion


Iconic Palestinian liberation figure Ms Laila Khalid once again pledged her commitment to the attainment of freedom in her homeland through the armed struggle. Speaking during an emotional moment of solidarity pledges, Khalid reiterated that "we are ready to sacrifice generation after generation in the pursuit of our freedom", she said to wild applause.

Khalid's address was a climax to a march that was attended by Palestinian solidarity movements gathered at this 7th installment of the World Social Forum held at the Moi Sports Centre. Her pledge was met with messages of support from other activists from as far as England, Yemen, Sudan, South Africa, Egypt and other parts of the world.

It seemed many years of living in exile and missing her homeland, as she told a journalist, have done little to deter Khalid's resolve who said, "armed reaction on our people shall be met with armed revolution". Khalid became famous for being the first Palestinian guerilla to hijack a plane twice after undergoing plastic surgery to alter her looks.

The Palestinian struggle for total independence from Israel was, at the meeting compared with that of Sudan, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The gravity of this analogy was emphasized when a message of support was sent to 'the resistance fighters in Iraq'. Chants of 'Bush is a terrorist, Olmert is a terrorist, Blair is a terrorist' drowned the rally.

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