The night carries with it VERY DARK secrets that if exposed would result in governments crumbling and chief whips being whipped every festive season, same like poor Goniwe


"I've met the most wonderful girl through this site, was skeptical at first about internet dating". This are the words of a satisfied customer on an online dating service that prides itself of having more people from Nelspruit than anywhere else in the country. Durban's Victoria Embankment is filled with its own breed of sex-hunters and providers, Pretoria's Burger's Park even spots moffies while Union Buildings has the hetero. But Nelspruit beat them hands down because it simply seeks for it on-line. Could be that because the town can get too cold in Winter and too hot in summer, so they rather flood the net. You are not going to be told the name of the dating service loved by the Lowvelders, because it simply needs to advertise with us and give us moolah for publicizing its services. However it is intriguing how many lonely Nelspruit men and women are flocking to the internet to advertise themselves to potential 'customers'. Oops, maybe they are not called customers because they are not buying like they do in Durbs and Jozi but simply hooking up.

It seems bonking and not visiting the Kruger National Park or the Eastern Transvaal is a favourite pastime for some of the city's loneliest people. Any person who has been in love before would testify that at some stage the temptation to free-fall and get whomever promises a stable monied relationship, a good six-packed body, healthy no smoking no drinking habits and BEE laced income has turned them on. Loneliness is the worst thing to can happen to anyone because no matter how much money you have it still has a way of catching up with you. I wouldn't wish loneliness on anyone. There's been stories of men coming from as far as Jozi and Cape Town to sample some of the Lowveld nectar, and do they really cut to the chase like rabbits? You tell me, they say this other guy was so raunchy that two minutes after being let into the house he was already yawning following a rapid quickie.

What's more, with the discreet service that comes with the internet you can be certain that Nelspruit is indeed loving, across the racial divide (plus most of those in the net are either Coloured or White). You are not going to be told about who is lonely today because they could easily be the wo/man who showed no interest at the Riverside Mall or Crossing Shopping Complex when you tried to chat them over the weekend at that fancy coffee shop next to the two bookstores, or your neighbour or the person sitting next to you in the taxi to Kamagugu. For all you know it can even be your boss, the one with a (house)wife, three children aged 22, 20, 17 and a 12,5 kilogram pot-belly? Or your moral compass, what/whoever collar it puts around its neck.

Messages posted on the 'Success Stories' site of the dating sites are encouraging. On the one visited the prelude came from Mark, while Yolandi posted this one, "Boy, was I surprised at the number of stunning people I met on this site! And that's how I met Willie in November 2005. The subscription fee was the BEST investment I have ever made in my future - I mean, just look at the return on my investment!!!! Stunning stunning site!!!!". It is said that some of the loyal visitors to these sites are brothers and sisters from the Northern part of Africa who just want some real magic, or some citizenship, or some validation about kinkiness, or some forbidden fruit, or nameless something-something, or just a moment of unadulterated madness between sheets.

Who knows, maybe internet dating is the way to go in this busy world of making money and networking. Maybe people don't get enough time to do the simple, chat the person you like, ask them out and let it grow from there. Probably future marriages would have been found on the net. Truckers have figured that a long while ago when they decided not to cohabit but bonk and move to the next destination. Congress of South African Trade Unions Willie Madisha, speaking at the Transportation Conference in Limpopo last year called the behaviour of some truckers, 'AIDS on wheels'.

As a consolation or a freebie from your kulture-watcher it might make sense for you to post information and a picture of yourself on one of the ones you will access through a search engine. Sorry, we are not one of them. They all claim to "provides a secure, hassle-free environment where people can meet to form new online relationships. Whether you're looking for new friends, a quick soiree in the world of online dating, or the love of your life, you're sure to find someone special amongst our thousands of personal ads. Using 'us' is quick, easy, safe and completely anonymous", one of them claim.

There are equally lots of interesting people to meet and to meet you on one of them. A beautiful woman who posted her picture named Phlox posted this message, "I think the only reason why a person would want to know someone or me in this case, is pure interest... I am an interesting person because I have a different personality to..." Good luck!

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